Sustainability report

Girl hugging tree

In harmony with nature.

Even if it sounds unconventional at first: at TEAM 7 sustainability already starts with the design. Because only things that endure and provide a lifetime of enjoyment can truly be called sustainable. Indeed, sustainability is an important factor in all of our activities. Only if we succeed in creating a production process which is consistently in harmony with nature can we ensure that future generations will also have everything they need to live. In our sustainability report we have documented our efforts towards an ecological and sustainable production process.

Quality mark for environmentally-friendly furniture production by TEAM 7

We set an example when it comes to the environment.

Actually, we set several examples: the EMAS certificate is proof of our sustainable production and efficient use of resources. As an ISO-certified company, we stand for the implementation of internationally applicable standards and related requirements in the areas of environment, quality and safety. The Austrian Eco-Label confirms that our furniture is not harmful to the environment or to health, and is a quality seal for sustainable premium products.


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