We work hand in hand with
the world's best designer: Nature.

it´s a tree story.

TEAM 7 - custom-made solid wood furnitur.

TEAM 7 has been making furniture in Austria since 1959. This experience makes itself felt. Every piece of TEAM 7 furniture is unique and carefully hand-made by experienced cabinetmakers. Manufacturing exclusively to order allows maximum flexibility when it comes to customers' individual preferences. From the forest to the finished furniture: it's in our hands. This means TEAM 7 can guarantee environmentally friendly manufacturing, working in harmony with people and nature.

Excellent sustainability.

Numerous international certificates such as the Austrian Ecolabel, the EMAS certificate and ISO certificates recognise TEAM 7's sustainable and environmentally friendly production process. The wood used to make the furniture is sourced exclusively from controlled sustainable forestry. It is treated with nothing but natural oil, contributing to a healthy living environment and transforming living spaces into a cosy home, free of harmful additives.

Made in Austria.

The TEAM 7 brand is a promise of quality and is inextricably linked with Austria. Because the processing of solid wood has a long tradition here. TEAM 7 also uses the latest technology to create furniture that is precision-made in every detail. But furniture from Austria also makes a clear statement about sustainability: we produce our furniture regionally, all within a space of just a few kilometres, eliminating long transport routes and enabling continuous control over the entire production process. This allows the company to fulfil its environmental aspirations, and to achieve the quality that has made TEAM 7 the leading eco-design brand.

Designskizze eines TEAM 7 Möbels

Designer style, custom made.

The beauty, texture and warmth of wood are incomparable. TEAM 7 designers love working with wood - that's why they always go the extra mile to create timelessly beautiful style. After all, the premium quality of TEAM 7 furniture means it is made to last. The fact that every order is custom made allows a huge range of design options; bespoke items are also available. There are practically no limits to the possibilities of individualised designs.