New products 2020

  • clip side table
    clip side table
  • light bed
    light bed
  • italic ladder
    italic ladder
  • filigno writing desk
    filigno writing desk
  • Wardrobes with hinged doors
    Wardrobes with hinged doors
  • lui plus chair
    lui plus chair
  • echt.zeit table
    echt.zeit table
  • filigno highboard
    filigno highboard
  • times bed
    times bed

New materials for more design options.

Sepia, a rich shade of brown, extends the natural colour spectrum of our l1 leather range. In the Home Entertainment range as well, two new colours of the acoustic fabrics offer more scope for individual designs. With their slight sheen, metallic blue and metallic grey are an excellent match for metallic glass finishes; they add subtle touches of colour, creating modest highlights in sleek, minimalist surroundings.

nox dining room furniture in matt black.

Metal with a matt, black surface is playing an increasingly important role in modern living space design. We have added a new matt black to the options for the nox table, nox bench and nox occasional furniture. These new versions expand our broad range of tables, chairs, benches, occasional furniture, wall units, coffee tables and kitchen handles that can already be designed with this trendy metal surface.

New metal frame base, new lightness.

The graceful aesthetic of filigno furniture is further emphasised by various base options, which add to the floatingly light appearance. New in this range is the metal frame in matt black. Its elegant lines reflect the delicate forms of filigno’s distinctive wooden casing, making it even more light-footed and graceful. The new base adds another variation to the individual design options for the filigno ranges for the living area and Home Entertainment, as well as filigno occasional furniture.

Coffee tables with a new ceramic surface.

In addition to solid wood and tinted glass, the table top and drawer fronts of the height-adjustable lift coffee table are now also available in ceramic. Another new planning option is the ceramic table top for the lux coffee table. This opens up possibilities for combining it with the filigno living range, since that also includes the option for high-quality ceramic fronts.

Hinged-door wardrobes with a fresh face.

Linear, elegant and modern: the new hinged-door wardrobes showcase impressively precise construction and refined finishes, and allow even more design freedom. New external drawers can be individually configured to provide the right kind of storage space and create a new look. A new horizontal wooden handle and a vertical wooden strip handle expand the range. Fronts extended at the top and bottom edges, now finishing just 2 cm above the floor, are distinctive characteristics of the new, modern styling. Exterior side panels with strikingly delicate, precision-finished front edges can be complemented by an optional cornice strip. This creates an elegant surround for the fronts – like a picture frame. The redesigned fronts for soft, lunetto and valore complete the relaunch of the hinged-door wardrobes.

New wardrobe interiors.

Natural, individual, sophisticated: the sleek modern design of the new hinged-door wardrobes continues on the inside too, with meticulous attention to detail. A pull-out trouser hanger, now made completely of wood, solid wood shelves with a deeper front edge, and an optional 16 mm thick back panel, all emphasise the premium natural qualities of wood. Handle-free internal drawers, a special shirt drawer with smoked glass front, and the pull-down clothes lift in subtle black-brown accentuate the high quality of the interior fittings. Clever new organisers allow even more individualised storage solutions and ensure everything is easy to find.

New linking elements for hinged-door wardrobes.

Home office or make-up table: the new linking elements add interest and variety to the overall design of hinged-door wardrobes, while also serving practical purposes and creating added value for the wardrobe.


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