TEAM 7 WELT: Our vision is becoming a reality.

With the new TEAM 7 Welt – the largest investment in the company’s history – our vision is becoming a reality. The combination of ultramodern technology and genuine craftsmanship creates a place of inspiration and innovation for natural living at the highest level.

Pure solid wood from TEAM 7’s own forest, large glass surfaces, green roofs and courtyards, trees as filters and the element of water are all combined to create a sense of well-being in the workplace. An organic restaurant with a garden, an event room, a show kitchen and a rooftop sky bar all add to the splendour of the new company headquarters in Ried. Part of the new TEAM 7 WELT is also a two-storey TEAM 7 store. In an area of around 1,200 m², you can experience our solid wood furniture in a completely new dimension. You will be able to feel and experience our passion for genuine craftsmanship and pure solid wood combined with contemporary design and innovative technology.
Both in Austria and abroad, TEAM 7 is thus courageously and consistently paving its unique ecological path into the future.

Stay tuned and keep up to date with the latest construction progress on our website. Join us as we look forward to realising a sustainable and successful future!


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