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Out of love of nature

Our furniture is natural.
Our production methods are sustainable –

it's a tree story.

In the cycle of nature.

We actively support climate protection with our decision to manufacture durable furniture from natural, renewable raw materials in an environmentally sustainable fashion. A crucial contribution which non-durable and synthetic products are unable to fulfil. The concept of “sustainability” has its roots in forestry and is closely linked to the use of wood as a material. It embodies a simple principle: for every tree felled, at least one new tree is planted. Thinking in terms of circular systems and responsible use of resources underpins our actions at every level.

TEAM 7 has its own forest.

Forests play an important role in ensuring climate protection, by providing long-term carbon storage. For example, the growth in our 77-hectare forest means around 930 tonnes of CO2 are extracted from the atmosphere every year. Our own forest is sustainably managed; therefore we understand the great value of wood. The respectful way we work with this natural material throughout our manufacturing process reflects this.

Photovoltaic system at TEAM 7 in Pram.

Nature gives us ideas and energy.

All the electricity used at both our production facilities in Upper Austria comes from renewable energy sources. What is more, our photovoltaic power plant generates 390,000 kWh per year. That covers the annual electricity consumption of over 85 average Austrian households.

Heating system at TEAM 7 in Pram.

When it comes to wood, we are proud of our CO2-neutral energy generation.

We aim for sustainability in everything we do. This also applies to the way we generate heat. We use the wood scraps accumulated from our manufacturing processes to heat our offices, production facilities and drying chambers. Our heat generation system enables our sites at Ried and Pram to be completely self-sufficient in energy. Since wood is biomass, no more CO2 is released during combustion than that which the trees have withdrawn from the atmosphere during their growth. To ensure this natural cycle never comes to an end, we plant at least one new tree to replace every one that is felled.

Consume less, create more.

Thanks to targeted energy-saving projects, such as intelligent lighting controls, new ventilation systems and efficient heat recovery, we have managed to reduce our annual total energy consumption from 14.8 million kWh in 2012 to today’s 12.8 million kWh. We have simultaneously been able to improve manufacturing efficiency.

Custom-fitted cardboard packaging made from recycled waste paper.

Sustainable packages.

When packaging our furniture, we avoid plastics and instead use cardboard made from recycled waste paper, custom-fitted to the items we are packing. This preserves resources, saves on padding and provides the best possible protection in transit.

Person in the woods with TEAM 7 bag

We take the most direct road to environmental protection.

We rely on regional procurement structures. That saves us from transporting goods over long distances and spares the environment a lot of harmful substances and CO2. Plus, our regional, carefully selected supplier network means more flexibility for our customers. And this not only conserves nature, it also preserves our independence.

flor bench in oak with Ripley fabric by TEAM 7

Quality starts with the raw materials.

When making our furniture, we are careful to use only unmixed raw materials that can be integrated back into the cycle of nature at any time. We use predominantly renewable or recycled materials. Our most important material is wood, which is selected according to rigorous internal guidelines. We use only European hardwoods. We attach particular importance to the wood’s origin and only work with suppliers who guarantee sustainable forestry.

Our Ripley textiles are made from 100% recycled material, most of which comes from natural resources. The fabric for Ripley is obtained by recycling old clothes spun into new, valuable yarn, and then woven into fabrics. The result is a high-quality material whose look and feel are both distinguished by its structure and lively effect. In this way, valuable resources are conserved and the life cycle is significantly extended through reintegration into the cycle.

Repairing small scratches on a nox table in walnut.

Long-lasting furniture made of natural materials.

Oiled wooden surfaces can be easily repaired and upholstery covers can be replaced. Traditional wood joints and high-quality workmanship make our furniture easy to disassemble and move, while also providing maximum strength. This transforms our furniture into loyal companions for many years to come. All our furniture is manufactured in such a way that it can be returned to the natural cycle at any time.

TEAM 7 beekeeper with beehives.

Small insects. Big impact.

Nature is fundamental to our existence. And only by living responsibly and sustainably can we preserve the essentials of life for future generations. This is the principle behind our beehives. Because honeybees play a crucial role in the cycle of nature and are vital to our ecosystem. They are essential to the way many different plants reproduce and survive. Our bees contribute to the preservation of diversity in the natural world, which also benefits us – the people who inhabit it. They pollinate almost 80% of crops and wild plants, including trees which we need for manufacturing our furniture. So in this respect, our furniture production already starts with the bees!


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