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TEAM 7 WELT: Our vision is becoming a reality.

With the new TEAM 7 Welt – the largest investment in the company’s history – our vision is becoming a reality. The combination of ultramodern technology and genuine craftsmanship creates a place of inspiration and innovation for natural living at the highest level.

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From the roots to the roof.

The new TEAM 7 Welt in Ried is growing and growing. Experience our construction progress live: from the groundwork to the green roof. Our own forest isn’t far away: some of the timber comes from there. We are also making our own oak sun shade slats. Here you can follow step by step how we are constructing an ecological low-tech building that has a feel-good atmosphere and meets our design standards.

Pure solid wood from TEAM 7’s own forest, large glass surfaces, green roofs and courtyards, trees as filters and the element of water are all combined to create a sense of well-being in the workplace. A restaurant with a garden, an event room, a show kitchen and a rooftop sky bar all add to the splendour of the new company headquarters in Ried. Part of the new TEAM 7 WELT is also a two-storey TEAM 7 store. In an area of around 1,200 m², you can experience our solid wood furniture in a completely new dimension. You will be able to feel and experience our passion for genuine craftsmanship and pure solid wood combined with contemporary design and innovative technology.
Both in Austria and abroad, TEAM 7 is thus courageously and consistently paving its unique ecological path into the future.

Stay tuned and keep up to date with the latest construction progress on our website. Join us as we look forward to realising a sustainable and successful future!

TEAM 7 Welt: buffer storage system for the new energy centre.

To achieve our goal of becoming a “green plant”, we have been busy focusing on maximum efficiency and sustainable energy generation in all areas of our company. The delivery and installation of the buffer storage system for our new energy centre represented a significant milestone. Using our new water boiler, which has a volume of 100,000 litres, we are able to harness the energy from our biomass plant, servers, compressors, etc., and use it to heat all our buildings. This is a crucial component of our green plant, our TEAM 7 Welt and, generally, our dream of securing a sustainable future.

TEAM 7 Welt: we’re getting excited!

In just a few weeks, we will start moving into our new TEAM 7 Welt. As you can see from the impressive wooden façade, work being done on the outside has been making great progess. Meanwhile, inside, we have already started assembling the furniture, bringing us closer and closer to realising our vision. The new and steadily expanding Energy Centre represents another key milestone on our journey to becoming a green plant. Here, we have started installing innovative technology that will be used in the future to control the entire energy supply of the Ried site efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. We also already rely on any waste wood from our manufacturing processes to sustainably heat our TEAM 7 Welt.


TEAM 7 Welt: first oak slat installed.

13 October 2022 was the big day – the first oak slat was installed on the façade of the TEAM 7 Welt building by TEAM 7 Managing Director Hermann Pretzl. The vertical oak sun protection slats were developed by TEAM 7 and produced at our own workshops, making them unique and exclusive creations for the TEAM 7 Welt. All in all, 4,500 running metres of oak were used to produce 1,000 oak slats spanning an area of 97.7 m³. Energy-efficient, resource-sparing and economical processing guaranteed.

TEAM 7 Welt: a first glimpse inside the construction of the new company headquarters.

All eyes are on the impressive 4-storey wooden skeleton structure of the new TEAM 7 company headquarters. Join the TEAM 7 drone on its sightseeing flight through the Green Building and enjoy exciting insights and views.

Both trusses assembled for the TEAM 7 Welt.

The two trusses were delivered with great logistical effort, including a police escort, and assembled with the help of a 300-tonne crane. The 22-metre long and five-metre high parts were transported from the WIEHAG company in Altheim to Haag and then via the main road to Ried. This wooden skeleton construction, which will remain largely visible on the first floor, is what will enable the entrance area to the TEAM 7 Welt to stand without supports.

Start of the wood construction.

The new TEAM 7 Welt continues to take shape. The first prefabricated wooden parts by the company WIEHAG in Altheim were delivered and assembled at the beginning of March. Prefabrication shortens assembly times and thus the overall construction period. One of the largest wooden buildings in the region – our new company headquarters – is fast becoming a reality.

Construction progress on the TEAM 7 Welt staircase.

TEAM 7 Welt: underground work completed.

Shortly before the turn of the year, the first important construction phase of the TEAM 7 Welt – the underground work – was completed. The subterranean car park offers a generous space of 1,800 m² for 56 cars. An additional 1,000 m² accommodate the innovative technical facilities for the new company headquarters. The staircases are now rising floor by floor, clearly visible for all to see.

A first glimpse into the new TEAM 7 Welt.

A visit to Wiehag company gave us a hands-on view of the first section of the new TEAM 7 Welt. On 10 November 2021, a team surrounding TEAM 7’s owner Georg Emprechtinger and co-managing director Hermann Pretzl was able to marvel at a section of the building in its actual size. This mock-up has indeed provided them with a clear idea of what the future exterior and interior design of the new, innovative office building will look like. “Seeing this mock-up has made us even more excited about the new TEAM 7 Welt”, said Georg Emprechtinger enthusiastically. The new company headquarters in Ried im Innkreis is not only proof of our commitment to the region, but also to our values. You will be able to feel and experience our passion for genuine craftsmanship and pure solid wood combined with contemporary design and innovative technology.

TEAM 7 WELT: Ground-breaking ceremony.

Together with Upper Austrian council member Markus Achleitner, the mayor of Ried, Albert Ortig, along with representatives from WIEHAG Timber Construction, the construction company Bau Mayr GmbH and the architecture firm Matulik, George Emprechtinger, CEO and owner, and Joint Managing Director Hermann Pretzl, welcomed guests on 6 July 2021 to the opening ceremony of construction of the new TEAM 7 Welt.
The eco-friendly building with low-tech features and green roof will live up to the highest possible design aspirations. The interior includes open-space work areas and communication zones, a multifunction conference room, a show kitchen which will be available for hire, and a “skybar”, with a fabulous view across Ried. In addition, a 1200 m² TEAM 7 Store will offer plenty of space for inspiration. In the restaurant run by David Gattringer and partners, both employees and visitors will be treated to a specially created range of menu options.

Georg Emprechtinger at the construction start for the TEAM 7 Welt in Ried im Innkreis

“A vision becomes reality”, declared Georg Emprechtinger with delight – and could not resist taking a lap of honour on the digger. “We are excited to be taking this pioneering step into the future today,” says Hermann Pretzl, underlining the significance of the project. “As you can see, at TEAM 7 ecology and economy always go hand in hand.”
It’s an appealing concept: we have enjoyed steady growth for over 20 years now. With our commitment to Austrian craftsmanship and our capacity for innovative approaches to sustainability, design and technology, we have more than tripled our sales in the last two decades, and we even managed to achieve seven per cent growth during the challenging coronavirus year 2020.


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