Living and working in harmony with nature.

Using the power and beauty of real solid wood as a source of inspiration. With wohnofficeT7, TEAM 7 offers more than just a practical home office. It stands for the genuine combination of living, nature and work – for creating a new living area, whether perfectly integrated into the open-plan living space or as a full-fledged office. Working from home is becoming an ever greater part of our lives and is thus changing the demands on our home. wohnofficeT7 combines TEAM 7’s diverse design options across all living areas and creates a practical home office for new generations to come.

Unique possibilities.

wohnofficeT7 is breaking new ground with its design of the home office area. It puts people and their health in the spotlight. The technical and ergonomic requirements are determined by the duration and type of work. Together with home office expert Kai Stania, we did an in-depth analysis of people’s changing needs and developed a comprehensive wohnofficeT7 questionnaire that lays the foundation for holistic planning. A wide variety of home office concepts based on TEAM 7's enormous product range redefine the concept of working from home, as well as open up completely new design perspectives. Carefully considered design, innovative technology, living comfort and pure solid wood: that is wohnofficeT7. In our checklist, we have briefly summarised what’s most important to consider when designing your new home office area. This serves as an excellent starting point for defining your own needs more precisely and preparing for a personal consultation with our TEAM 7 partners.

TYPE 1 – Facing across the room

There is plenty of space for the home office, possibly even a separate room. Optionally, bookshelves can also separate the area visually from the living space. The office is used for full-time work and this is made quite clear. It is open to the surrounding area, allowing free rein for your thinking.

TYPE 2 – Facing the wall

Placing the desk against the wall is an efficient way to integrate the workspace into the room and makes it easy to connect technological equipment. Planning solutions in the corner of the room take the specific characteristics of the location into account. Generous equipment and a quiet background for the screen enable focused work for many hours.

TYPE 3 – Invisible office

The office is largely invisible, the living space still feels like home and is not compromised by a sense of office atmosphere. Sophisticated furniture offers the necessary storage space and versatile functions, which only reveal their purpose in use and remain stylishly in the background after the work is done.

TYPE 4 – Multifunctional areas

There is no room for an office, or a conscious decision has been made not to allocate living space to one. Multifunctional furniture is used temporarily for office activities or, for example, as a place for children to do schoolwork.

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