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TEAM 7 children's furniture made of solid wood.

Children are especially close to our hearts. To you as parents, because you love your child, and to us at TEAM 7, because we know how important a natural environment is for healthy growing up. Our children's and youth wooden bedroom furniture combines well thought-out design, pure natural wood and maximum flexibility.

Kids’ room furniture made of solid wood by TEAM 7

Children's bedroom furniture made of real wood for a healthy room climate.

Our children's wooden furniture made of pure natural wood is finished exclusively with natural oil, allowing them to grow up in a natural environment, free of harmful substances. Wood supports a healthy room climate, helps your child to find restful sleep and promotes better concentration. The warm impression ensures that your child feels good all around. Children's bedroom furniture made of solid wood is virtually indestructible, because it can withstand even heavy loads. Even the traces of years of use and small dents and scratches can be easily removed. Thanks to the countless planning and extension options, your TEAM 7 children's bedroom furniture grows with your child and adapts perfectly to the age of your child. The perfect place to play, sleep, learn and be happy.

With the children's wooden furniture range from TEAM 7, your children's bedroom is fully equipped. Cupboards with practical interior partitioning, shelves and chests of drawers made of wood offer plenty of storage space. TEAM 7 offers a complete baby room with cot, changing unit, wardrobe and shelving for a healthy upbringing right from the start. This grows with your child and can be transformed into a children's or teenager's room with the matching children's bed, children's loft bed, bunk bed or the practical tandem bed, as desired. With the height-adjustable children's desk and the children's desk chair, learning becomes child's play.

There are many reasons why you should choose solid wood furniture from TEAM 7 for your interior.

With solid wood furniture from TEAM 7, you are choosing natural wood furniture in its most beautiful form. Real, open-pored wood brings comfort and natural warmth into your home. It breathes, absorbs moisture and releases it again when the air is dry. The result is a noticeably healthy indoor climate. We use noble hardwood from sustainable forestry, glue it without formaldehyde and finish it exclusively with pure natural oil. In this way, we ensure that our environmentally friendly furniture remains free of harmful substances and that the wood retains its wonderful properties.

Furnishing tips for the perfect children's room with wooden furniture.

As fantastic as our children's ideas are, their children's room should also be designed imaginatively. A colourful wall design with wallpaper or stickers, colourful carpets and textiles bring colour into play. Every child has personal favourite colours and heroes. Furnish your children's bedroom according to themes and avoid typical girl or boy clichés. Children's wooden furniture is the best basis for the perfect children's bedroom, because it is wonderfully changeable according to your child's personal preferences. No matter whether your child suddenly finds blue things stupid and would much rather have everything in green, children's wooden furniture goes with many colours and thus gives you pleasure for many years.

Our furniture grows with your child: From the baby room to the children's room to the youth room.

Well thought-out and flexible, our growing children's furniture adapts to the age of your child. The cot easilytransforms into a cosy sofa - the perfect place to snuggle up and tell stories. The single bed is easily transformed into a cave or middle bed and thus into an adventure playground. As a bunk bed, it offers enough space for more siblings. The loft bed can be dismantled again for the transformation from a child's room to a teenager's room. The height-adjustable desk grows with the child and, together with the individually adjustable swivel chair, always ensures the ergonomically correct sitting position. What remains the same over the years? Enough storage space and plenty of room for imagination, creativity and happy growing up. Our tip: Children have many, mostly unusual ideas. You can involve your child in the design of the children's room.

These accessories will turn your children's room into a feel-good oasis.

Yesterday it was animal decorations with cute little puppies, today it's the most dangerous dinosaurs and tomorrow the coolest rock bands... Our children's interests are changing at a rapid pace. With the right accessories, you can keep up with them. The children's furniture from TEAM 7 can be perfectly designed with the right extras to suit every whim. Curtains, extensions and different decorations bring colour into the children's room. Bed covers with motifs, children's lampshades, posters and coloured picture frames adapt to your child's wishes without much effort. A colourfully designed or wallpapered wall gives the children's room a very personal touch. A blackboard wall offers plenty of space for creativity.

Making your children's room healthy and safe with wooden furniture.

Are you looking for children's furniture that is low in harmful substances? Why not opt for childrens’s furniture that is completely free of harmful substances right away? The children's room furniture from TEAM 7 is glued without formaldehyde and finished exclusively with pure natural oil. A stable construction, rounded corners and edges offer safety, even when things get turbulent. Beds, desk and swivel chair, the cot and the changing unit from TEAM 7 all bear the internationally valid GS mark for tested safety. Climbing is one of children's favourite activities, so remember to screw the cupboards to the wall and anchor the loft bed to the wall. Covering sockets and securing windows provides additional protection.

What does solid wood children's bedroom furniture cost?

Above all, the quality of the children's bedroom furniture, the type of wood, the design, the personal advice and the origin determine what a children's bedroom costs. But they also decide how long you will enjoy it. The children's bedroom furniture from TEAM 7 is made to measure in Austria in the highest quality, from noble domestic hardwood with a lot of handwork. Recognised seals of quality, such as the GS mark for tested quality and the Austria Quality Mark for Furniture, are helpful when choosing a children's bedroom.

Personal advice on site.

The personal advisors of our TEAM 7 partners look forward to developing ideas for your very own children's bedroom together with you. With a great deal of experience and a flair for the extraordinary, you too will be impressed by the quality and design ideas of our advisors. Our TEAM 7 partners also take care of the delivery and assembly of your TEAM 7 furniture. With our dealer search, you are sure to find the right TEAM 7 partner near you.


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