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Children’s beds made of solid wood

Children’s beds for little individualists.

The innovative kids bed system can be flexibly adapted to meet the needs of your child and your family. Clever add-ons make the kids bed system fantastically versatile, allowing the wooden child’s bed to be expanded, transforming it into a den bed, loft bed or bunk bed.An integrated baby bed and the solid wood make our children’s beds extremely secure and stable. Simple and timeless in design, the single bed also cuts a fine figure as a junior bed. However, since a child’s bed isn’t just a place where your little one sleeps, rounded corners and edges also keep them safe when they’re playing, while blending harmoniously into the linear stylistic elements. Our kids beds are available in a variety of widths, depending on your individual needs: 90 x 200 cm, 100 x 200 cm or 140 x 200 cm.

Children's loft bed: loft bed made of solid wood.

From child’s bed to loft bed – child’s play! Add-ons can be used to change the height of the bedposts and thus the frame, turning your single bed into a den bed (146,8 cm) or children’s loft bed (168,8 cm). The loft bed made of solid wood, for example, offers additional space under the bed that can be used an area for relaxing or playing. This version is ideal for small rooms as it allows you to create more space for your child in a sophisticated way. Once your little one perhaps isn’t so little any more, the integrated safety rail provides the necessary protection to prevent them from falling out of their bed. And, if there comes a point when you welcome a new member to your family, our children’s loft bed can also be extended into a bunk bed.


Bunk bed made of solid wood.

As and when required, two single beds can be combined to form one children’s bunk bed. In contrast to our children’s loft bed, this solution can accommodate two youngsters in a small space. If the children get their own rooms later down the line, the bunk bed can be converted back into two single beds. In addition to solid wood, the stable, slightly slanted ladder and a safety rail to protect against falls keep your children safe, even when they’re at heady heights.

Children’s bed with storage space.

Bed, storage space and storage shelf in one: the kids bed has the right combination for every situation. The optional platform for the single or the bunk bed can be designed to run down all four sides of the bed to suit your needs. It offers additional storage space and helps keep things neat and tidy in your child’s room thanks to its generous drawers and fold-out corner module. Toys always have their place, yet are still easily accessible for your child. At the same time, the platform creates practical surfaces that turn the bed itself into a play area.

Always have everything close to hand.

Individual functional wall shelves expand the design options available to you in your child’s room, offering a fresh take on storage. When two shelves are connected, they can be mounted on the safety rail of our children’s beds and moved along the side of the bed. The ideal place for stuffed animals, books and other valuable treasures that always need to be within easy reach. Colourful elastic bands ensure that everything stays in place.

Tandem bed: pull-out child’s bed made of wood

Is the short visit turning into a sleepover? No problem with the tandem bed! It can be converted from a single bed into a comfortable double bed in next to no time. When the guest returns home, the additional lying surface is stored under the bed again to save space. See you next time! Bedspreads, additional bed linen and much more are perfectly stored in the spacious bed chest made from pure solid wood. The high-quality cushioning mechanism guarantees that a lid won’t fall on someone’s head while tidying up.
To go with the kids range, you can choose the tandem bed in alder natural oil and alder white oil. Thanks to its reduced, linear design, it also cuts a good figure in a teenager’s room. And, between you and me, our tandem bed will also feel very comfortable in your guest room.

Children’s beds made of solid wood for healthy sleep.

Restful sleep plays a vital role in your child’s development. That’s why it’s so important that you try to foster a low-pollution sleeping environment and choose largely solvent-free materials when furnishing their room. Our wooden children’s beds are only treated with natural oil, as this allows the natural raw material to breathe and supports a healthy indoor climate. Wood also has a calming effect, as the open-pore finish applied to the wooden surfaces preserves their pleasant texture and warm appearance, giving you an added sense of security. The oiled surfaces offer yet another advantage: they’re low-maintenance and can even be repaired. This can sometimes be necessary, as the robust material used for and high-quality workmanship invested in our kids’ room furniture makes it stand the test of time.

The perfect mattress for a child’s bed made of solid wood.

Are you wondering what you should be looking out for when buying a mattress? Well, it should support your child in getting the best possible night’s sleep for one thing. It can do this by being particularly breathable and relieving pressure – ideal for a growing body.
With our children’s mattresses, even the smallest among us can enjoy restful sleep and beautiful dreams. Latex and comfort foam provide superior point elasticity for ergonomic sleeping comfort. The high-quality cover materials support the pleasant sleeping feeling and are washable to ensure optimal hygiene.


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