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Wooden dining tables with that certain something.

Our wooden dining tables spoil you with pure natural wood and award-winning design in a variety of shapes: Four-legged or centre-leg table, wooden stringers or metal runners, tables with a tree edge, in organic shapes or straight-lined. Numerous extendable and fixed tables offer you many options for designing your dining group. Matching chairs and benches complete our wide range. Innovative table extensions with damped, integrated inserts provide comfort and flexibility in everyday life. Choose the insert plates in ceramic, coloured glass or wood in different lengths, perfectly matched to your individual needs. Traditional craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art technology guarantees the highest quality and a long service life. We convince ourselves of this time and again in our in-house test laboratory.

tak extendable table with lui chairs

Masterpieces for generations.

For our extension and solid wood dining tables, we only use wood from sustainable forestry. From this, we form unique natural wood panels in our panel factory, whose surfaces are sorted by hand. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we also produce particularly dimensionally stable 3-layer boards here, which open up completely new possibilities for us in terms of design and function. Experienced carpenters create unique natural wood tables of the highest quality from them in traditional Austrian craftsmanship with great attention to detail. Perfectly crafted and equipped with trend-setting technology, they inspire time and again - for many years to come.


Wooden dining tables - what you should consider when buying solid wood dining tables.

A place to eat together, play games, do homework, as a cosy meeting place or festive table - the dining table is the linchpin in our lives, where we spend a lot of time together. It plays a central role at almost every important event. To find the right wooden dining table, there are a few points to consider before buying. Consider what size and how much flexibility you need. After all, your dining table should offer enough space for the whole family as well as for serving your guests. In order for you to enjoy your wooden dining table for a long time, the correct processing of the natural material is crucial. That is why we pay attention to the highest quality right from the start, starting with the choice of wood, through natural drying, to manufacturing in traditional craftsmanship. This ensures that the solid natural wood of our dining tables remains robust and easy to care for - for many years of enjoyment.

Which wooden table models are available?

Whether your dining table should be round or square, extendable or fixed, TEAM 7 offers the right dining table for every household. The variety of shapes ranges from fascinatingly fine table tops made of innovative 3-layer boards to solid wood tables with a tree edge.

Rectangular wooden tables.

For a long festive table where many people are to be seated, a rectangular wooden dining table is ideal. A rectangular table can also be combined particularly well with a bench or corner bench. In a large room, it is best to place a square dining table in the middle. Here it is easily accessible from all sides and forms the centre of the room. But a rectangular dining table also has its advantages in smaller rooms. Placed against the wall and combined with a corner bench, it forms the centrepiece of an inviting dining group.

Round wooden tables.

Round or oval wooden tables give your home a cosy atmosphere. Their space-saving shape makes them particularly suitable as dining tables for the kitchen. The centre of the table is easily accessible from any seat, which makes round tables the ideal place for convivial rounds, shared game evenings and lively conversations. Discover our round wooden dining tables.

Extendable wooden tables.

Our extendable wooden tables are flexible and versatile. Equipped with the latest technology, they create additional seating quickly and conveniently. That's good for guests and practical for growing families. TEAM 7 offers a large selection of extendable wooden tables.

What types of wood are available for TEAM 7 wooden dining tables?

The wood types in which TEAM 7 dining tables are available for you to choose from are as varied as the range of dining table models. Whether you prefer walnut, cherry, oak, beech or alder, at TEAM 7 you will find the right wooden table to match your interior style.

What size should my wooden dining table be?

The right size of a wooden table is easy to calculate. To ensure that there is enough room for everyone at your wooden dining table, it is best to follow the following rule of thumb: for a comfortable eating position, one person needs 60 cm in width and 40 cm in depth. This results in a minimum size of 120 cm x 80 cm for a family of four. It is best to allow an additional 10 to 20 cm for pots, bowls and decorations. A table height of at least 70 to 80 cm ensures sufficient legroom.

Which wooden table suits my dining room style?

First and foremost, your personal taste decides which wooden table you should choose. Our wide range of different table models made of natural wood and solid wood opens up a whole host of possibilities for you to find the ideal dining table - to match the rest of the furnishings.

Wooden dining tables for the country house style.

The powerful charisma of wood characterises the style of these complete wooden tables. The tables, which tend to be in dark colours, are particularly suitable for wood lovers. Combined with a decorative table runner and matching bench, the result is a place to feel good.

Designer tables in modern style.

Simple, no-frills designer tables are in keeping with the modern style of living. High-quality, straight-lined and timeless, they are an eye-catcher in any living room. Metal frames and delicate table tops give these tables a light and clear look.

Solid wood tables for the Scandinavian style.

Light colours characterise this style of living. An attractive contrast is created when combined with rather dark woods, such as oak or walnut. Natural materials, bevelled legs and the organic design language emphasise the functional design and the love of nature.

Care tips for the solid wood dining table.

A solid wood dining table is robust and easy to care for. The oiled wooden surface of the TEAM 7 dining tables impresses with its pleasant feel and suitability for everyday use. For simple daily care, a dry or slightly damp cotton cloth is sufficient. Water should be wiped away directly so that no moisture remains on the surface. For heavier soiling or for regular care of your solid wood dining table, we recommend the use of special cleaning agents. Use only light pressure and always wipe in the direction of the grain.

What does a solid wood dining table cost?

The cost of a wooden dining table can vary greatly. They depend above all on the type of wood chosen and the quality of the table as well as its workmanship. Handcrafted tables combined with innovative technology provide flexibility in everyday life and added comfort. At TEAM 7, you get high-quality dining tables, made with Austrian craftsmanship and perfectly matched to your wishes. An individual consultation will help you find the right table in the right size for your home.

Let us advise you on site.

Our highly trained TEAM 7 partners will be happy to take the time for an individual consultation and inspire you with their furnishing ideas for your home. In addition to planning and advice, the complete service also includes delivery and assembly of your new solid wood table. Find the TEAM 7 partner of your choice with our dealer search.


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