Pure solid wood

Our purity requirements:
“Noble hardwood,
glued without using formaldehyde,
finished with natural oil
and nothing else.”

it's a tree story.
Crown of a tree with trunk from behind

We were already eco before it was cool.

As early as 1980, long before the organic boom, we were betting on nature, making a contribution to sustainable living with our furniture. Our corporate culture has always been rooted in principles of social, ecological and economic responsibility, as is our product philosophy and customer orientation. Today we benefit from decades of experience and have always stayed true to our principles. 

Close-up of the trunk of a tree with bark

An all-rounder that we can make anything from.

Wood fascinates us with its unique aesthetics. And with its many positive characteristics. For example, it is naturally antibacterial and antistatic. And it makes the room climate comfortable because it absorbs moisture and releases it again. 

At home in nature.

Solid wood turns a room into a comfortable and healthy home. Every touch is a pleasure. Every look reveals the unspoiled, occasionally wild, power that continues to live in the carefully finished wood, tamed but visible. Our solid wood furniture supports healthy living – free of harmful substances.

Person in the woods with TEAM 7 bag

We take the most direct road to environmental protection.

We rely on regional procurement structures. That saves us from transporting goods over long distances and spares the environment a lot of harmful substances and CO2. Plus, our regional, carefully selected supplier network means more flexibility for our customers. And this not only conserves nature, it also preserves our independence.

Quality mark for environmentally-friendly furniture production by TEAM 7

Excellent sustainability.

The entire production process, from the tree to the finished furniture is in our hands. So we can guarantee that the manufacture of our solid wood furniture is environmentally sound. The EMAS mark highlights our ecological and sustainable production methods. We are just as proud of this certificate as we are of our designer awards.

We set an example when it comes to the environment. Guaranteed.

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