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Simply beautiful. And aging gracefully.

Everyday life leaves a trace on wooden furniture, just as it does on humans. Sun and light exposure, the climate within one’s home and also the daily use of the furniture cause changes in the natural materials. So that you can enjoy the beauty of your furniture from TEAM 7 for a long time, we have collected helpful tips for you in our Service and Quality Certificate for the right cleaning and care. Here you can also find, in alphabetical order, the most important information about the typical material properties of our products.

magnum dining table of solid wood

A healthy room climate for people and for solid wood.

Our furniture, made of living, porous wood, reacts to its environment just like we humans do. And just as the room climate affects our well-being, it also affects the wood. Deformation can occur if the humidity is too high or too low. A constant humidity level of between 40% and 60%, and a temperature of between 18° and 23° Celsius are optimal for people, plants and solid wood.

This information, as well as other interesting facts, can be found in our service and quality certificate.


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