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Design award-winning natural beauties

We work hand in hand with the
world’s best designer: nature.

it´s a tree story.

Sustainability starts with the design.

Perfect design which keeps its promise and meets the highest ecological standards constitutes another important aspect of real sustainability. We only want to hold on to things that bring us lasting enjoyment. Rather than churning out short-lived “throw-away” furniture, we make products with a long functional and aesthetic lifespan. We are dedicated to creating furniture that’s as unique as wood itself.

Feel-good wood.

The beauty, texture and warmth of wood are incomparable. Our designers love their material so much that they will go that extra mile. They are prepared to tackle complex manual challenges, accept design limits and let flashy trends pass by in favour of longevity. Because timeless design is important to us – after all, our designer furniture is already well prepared for a long life because of its top quality.

various designer awards that TEAM 7 has won

The classics of tomorrow. Already awarded today.

We are proud of our more than 60 international design awards. They inspire us to continue working on furniture with superior functionality and timeless design where innovative technology takes a stylish step into the background. 

Knowing all the trends – but not following them all.

Our designers and product managers are always a step ahead of home, furniture and colour trends. They decide which trends are relevant and which are just brief fads. They integrate their insights into furniture ideas. After all, our design has to match the same timeless longevity that we see in the material and processing.
We offer our customers comprehensive room layouts, colour and combination ideas and make designer furniture that can continue to adapt to modern colour trends e.g. by replacing the coloured glass fronts.

Designer Sebastian Desch

Sebastian Desch

Sebastian Desch’s designs are characterised by harmonious proportions and a timeless appeal. He aims to create pieces that are suited to their material and make the most of its features. His enthusiasm for wood and  craftsmanship is the foundation of his work – or more accurately, of his passion. The fine details of his designs show his masterly understanding of traditional craft skills, but are never purely for superficial decoration – they   form a stylistically coherent part of a simple and elegant design language, full of emotional warmth. And this hits the mark: In recent years, as head designer at TEAM 7, he has achieved international recognition with numerous well-known design awards.

Designer Jacob Strobel

Jacob Strobel

Wood. Jacob Strobel has devoted himself to the most appealing of all materials in his sensitive interpretation of traditional craftsmanship. His penchant for kinematics often finds expression in surprising, yet practical functions that serve the user but are, above all, aesthetically appealing. His clear designs seem to follow an internal logic that imbues the objects with a dignified elegance. A keen sense for sophisticated details means that his innovative works stand the test of time.

TEAM 7 Designer Dominik Tesseraux

Dominik Tesseraux

In the beginning is the Why. What does the manufacturer want from the product, and what does the consumer want? Designer Dominik Tesseraux sets the bar high for his designs - and for himself. New product designs should not just be factory fodder, but should also contribute to the development of the company and the product type. Tesseraux designs principally bedroom and kitchen furniture, and achieves these aims by using simple, clear structures that have an emotional impact, both aesthetically and in practical use.

Designer Stefan Radinger

Stefan Radinger

For Stefan Radinger, the vision he obtains from his interdisciplinaryapproach is very important. Inspired by bionic principles and based on a graphical approach, his designs have clear structures and are stripped down to the bare essentials. He is particularly interested in wood for its tangible living and breathing qualities, which provide an exciting contrast to the puristic form. He also finds the use of this traditional and long-lasting material in the digital age rather fascinating.

Designer Kai Stania

Kai Stania

Whether it’s a museum for Viktor Frankl, your own home, a fountain pen for Hugo Boss or a kitchen for TEAM 7. Whatever the criteria, all these designs have one crucial thing in common: the idea.
The important thing is the added value for people that can be created through this. With sophisticated details or innovative features. Ideas generally arise within the tight constraints of given parameters. That’s why I see good design as being the constant development of new aspects derived from an analysis of the “usage”.

Designer This Weber

This Weber

In his designs, This Weber attaches great importance to making the pieces look simple. His goal is to give them a recognisable value that is intuitively perceived by the user. The challenge of any development process is to create a design for each product that will make it look stylistically correct for years to come and have a positive impact on the user’s quality of life. This Weber Design Unlimited LLC designs and develops products for numerous international manufacturers. Any new product development aims to complement the identity of the client and their existing collection, address technical production possibilities, and further accentuate their brand identity.

Martin Ballendat

Designer Martin Ballendat has enjoyed international success for over 30 years. His love for wood brought him to TEAM 7 in 2002. Together, we have created several classic products with distinctive handcrafted characteristics. His outstanding technical expertise also influenced the development of TEAM 7 table extensions and Stricktex technology. Ballendat’s design philosophy is defined by the combination of authentic form and smart functionality. Our joint projects have won numerous international awards.

Lucie Koldova

Lucie Koldova is a product and furniture designer based in Prague, where she is working for international clients creating furniture pieces, glass sculptures, and timeless lights – chic and purified. She spent several years in Paris, where she transformed and honed the influences, inspiration, and motives arising from the city’s diverse cultures into her charismatic, elegant style and sensual formal language. Lucie uses classic craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies with primary focus on the pure beauty of materials such as wood and glass.


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