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mylon chair

mylon chair in wood, upholstered with leather or fabric for premium seating comfort
mylon chair
mylon chair
mylon chair matching the mylon table in beech heartwood

This chair always welcomes you with a nice embrace.
And with perfect seating comfort.

it´s a tree story.
mylon wooden chair in oak white oil

Easy to lean on.

mylon follows the principles of classic chair construction, except with a contemporary design language, and it can be combined with a wide range of tables. The backrest appears to flow seamlessly from the raised rear legs, giving the chair a streamlined, minimalist appearance. Its elegant curves wrap around the body just like an embrace. With its ergonomically shaped seat surface made of 30 mm thick solid wood, it offers superior seating comfort that goes far beyond that of a regular wood chair. mylon also presents this comfort in the upholstered version, offering an elastic seat combined with high-quality, breathable fabric or leather covers. Perfectly coordinated, both versions can easily be combined into one table.

All dimensions, materials and versions at a glance.

Your creativity is boundless? So is the variety of our furniture. In this model overview we will show you all the planning and design options of our custom-made solid wood furniture.

Please select your type of wood.

Please select your shade of leather.

Please choose your natural leather colour.

Please select your fabric colour.

Show your true colours. We will be glad to help.

We use the most reliable and sophisticated tools we can find: our hands.

mylon chair with backrest made from a piece of solid wood

This chair is ahead of the curve.

The backrest of the mylon chair is made from a single piece of solid wood that, in production, is first curved and then set aside for three to four weeks to let the material ease into its final shape. Only after that process is complete does the backrest assume its definitive shape. The corners thus rounded off make the seating experience all the more comfortable. The base is also made of solid wood. The rear legs’ upward slant lends a dynamic appearance to the mylon chair. At the same time, combined with the backrest that is tapered and pulled forward, they function as convenient armrests while sitting and rising. The gentle chamfer in the transition from the foot base and backrest is a true pleasure to handle.

The best of both worlds.

We combine the two things that make our work with solid wood even better: the latest technology and traditional Austrian craftsmanship.

Solid wood is healthy. But it’s addictive.

Be inspired by our interior designs and find out how TEAM 7 furniture can make all of your rooms more beautiful and natural.

Really good design is sustainable. Because it is timeless.

Designer and product manager developing TEAM 7 furniture

Good design is not just valuable, it’s also full of values.

TEAM 7 stands for first-class design with a clear philosophy. Design with a timeless quality that places a special emphasis on nature, instead of trying to restrain or subdue it.

Designer Jacob Strobel

Jacob Strobel

"What I care about in design is having a deep understanding of the material, construction and function. The manual work forms the foundation, the technology provides the performance and nature creates the balance."

Wood meets the highest demands. Yet it is incredibly undemanding.

Care of TEAM 7 solid wood furniture with nonwoven cloth und natural oil

The most ingenious thing about wood: easy maintenance.

Wood naturally features unique self-cleaning properties. As a result only minimal effort is required on your part to keep your TEAM 7 furniture looking just as good in decades to come as it does today.

Loving nature comes naturally to us.

We don’t just take on orders. We also take on responsibility.

We think that our company should accept responsibility for its decisions. That’s why we stand 100% behind ours. Producing perfect solid wood for our customer is important to us – but the entire product process is also an integral part of this for us. That’s why we treat our partners, our employees and nature as they deserve to be treated: fairly.

We love wood.

We love what we do – as can be seen in every piece of finished furniture. This is because innovation and a pioneering spirit are our innermost aspirations. We know everything about our forests and about wood as a material. We treat wood with respect in the production of our furniture, combining innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship.


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