echt.zeit kitchen in oak from TEAM 7

Solid wood kitchens à la TEAM 7.

The insides of our kitchens are also made of 100% solid wood. This gives them the highest level of stability and resilience. Finished exclusively with natural oil, the wood is free from harmful substances and retains its anti-bacterial properties for hygienic food storage. Wood also has natural antistatic properties, which naturally reduces household dust. It helps to regulate humidity contributing to a healthy and pleasant environment. Yet it is incredibly undemanding. Our easy-care solid wood kitchens prove this with their suitability for everyday use. All that is needed for maintenance is simple, day-to-day cleaning up to minor repairs of dents and scratches. And if wood is treated regularly with natural oils, it retains its beauty for many years.

Individually designed and custom-made exactly in accordance with your wishes, every TEAM 7 kitchen is genuinely unique, from the simple kitchenette to the luxurious eat-in kitchen with kitchen island, in a classic or modern style. There are various programmes you can choose from when planning your dream kitchen, with solid wood or glass fronts and numerous handle types. Superior comfort is guaranteed by sophisticated storage solutions and technical innovations, such as the k7 kitchen island with its continuously variable height adjustment function. Our design elements create an especially cosy environment in your kitchen, and can be perfectly integrated into the kitchen and provide room for decorative accessories.



Not a centimetre is wasted here.

The custom-made fittings of our solid wood kitchens keep ingredients and cooking utensils close at hand, which enhances cooking pleasure. That's because order and a clear overview are as important as ergonomics. You can choose between an interior in glossy chrome or a system in anthracite-coloured metal, with the front and side rails made from solid wood.

New pro interiors for kitchen cabinets.

Our inserts offer simple and flexible options for versatile dividers inside your kitchen drawers. Individual modules such as knife blocks, spice jars and foil rolls can be configured individually, creating drawer dividers that are tailored exactly to fit each customer's individual preferences and needs. Environmentally friendly and made of rapidly renewable bast fibres, the OrganiQ drawer inserts in neutral black go well with any wood type. Thanks to the combination of wood and aluminium, the especially elegant and slender style of the interior pro modules are a source of inspiration. The drawer dividers move bring 100% pure solid wood into your drawers. A knife drawer with a magnetic wooden strip keeps your valuable kitchen knives neatly organised and protects their blades.

bar stool

Kitchen checklist

Good planning is everything.

Just as in cooking, the individual design of your kitchen is all about the ingredients. Because every cook has their own style, uses different utensils and has special storage needs. So the kitchen should be carefully tailored to suit the users’ wishes and requirements. In our checklist, you will find basic questions that you can think about before consulting with our TEAM 7 partners to lay the foundation for your  perfect TEAM 7 solid wood kitchen.We hope you enjoy planning!


Waldkante wall cladding made of solid wood

A special touch for your kitchen.

Our Waldkante wall cladding, made of completely untreated solid wood, adds the perfect spice to your kitchen design. With its fascinating surface structure, you can incorporate gorgeous accents into the design of your kitchen and create wonderful contrasts – for example, in combination with glass or stone surfaces.


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