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Wooden kitchen à la TEAM 7.

If you want to cook and enjoy with all your senses, our wooden kitchens are the perfect place to do so. Because the open-pored, living wood of our kitchens has the unique property of touching us humans with its feel, its beauty and its scent.

echt.zeit solid wood kitchen in oak by TEAM 7

Kitchen made of real wood.

With our kitchens, you bring a piece of nature into your home. Made of pure wood, they provide warmth and comfort with their natural radiance. Finished exclusively with natural oil, the wooden surfaces remain breathable. They absorb moisture and release it again when the air is dry. In this way, they noticeably support a pleasant room climate. Speaking of climate: for our kitchens, we only use wood from sustainable forestry. In this way, we ensure that the forests, which are so important for the protection of our climate, are preserved for future generations. With great attention to detail, we create products of the highest quality from this renewable raw material. Because we manufacture in Austria, we can guarantee environmentally conscious and sustainable production.

What are the advantages of a solid wooden kitchen?

Wood has a natural antibacterial and antistatic effect, it can breathe and neutralise odours. The decisive factor here is that the pores remain open and are not closed by lacquers. But solid wooden kitchens with oiled surfaces offer even more advantages: The natural material is used to a lot by nature and is extremely robust. This makes TEAM 7 kitchens durable, stable in value and particularly easy to care for. Even small dents and scratches can be repaired and the traces of years of use removed. By not using lacquers or other chemical ingredients, the wood remains free of harmful substances. In this way, our kitchens promote a healthy cooking environment and can be returned to the material cycle after a long life.

The right recipe für your wooden design kitchen.

Every TEAM 7 kitchen is planned exactly according to your wishes and needs and then custom-made to order: from simple kitchen units to eat-in kitchens with kitchen islands, from classic to modern design kitchens. Flexible height, width and depth reductions allow millimetre-precise adjustments, even customised designs can be implemented - for maximum ergonomics and comfort. In addition, numerous types of wood, different materials and handles as well as state-of-the-art interiors allow for a wide variety of designs. The right thing for every taste.



Not a centimetre is wasted here.

The customised equipment of our natural wood kitchens keeps ingredients and cookware within reach at all times and ensures even more cooking pleasure. Order and clarity are just as important as ergonomics. Choose between an interior in glossy chrome or a system in anthracite-coloured metal, with the front and railing made of natural wood.

Drawer interior.

With our inserts, the interior of kitchen drawers can be designed easily and variably. Consisting of individual modules such as knife blocks, spice jars or foil rollers, the drawer inserts can be planned individually and tailored exactly to the wishes and needs of the respective customer. Environmentally friendly and made of rapidly renewable bast fibres, the OrganiQ cutlery inserts in neutral black match any type of wood. The modules of the interior pro inspire with a particularly fine look thanks to the combination of wood and aluminium. 100% pure natural wood brings the elements of the drawer divider move into your drawer. A knife drawer with a magnetic wooden strip keeps your valuable kitchen knives neatly organised and protects their blades.

Bar elements, counters, extension tables

Bars & counters

Various bar elements and counters make the kitchen particularly communicative and transform it into a popular meeting place for a shared breakfast or a snack in between. They create seating, even if there is little space in the kitchen, or a perfect transition to other living areas in open-plan living situations. Practical connections for laptops and tablets also open up smart application possibilities for small home office activities. Our bar stools offer you first-class seating comfort here.

Extension tables.

With a generous extension table, you can create full-fledged dining areas in your kitchen and a particularly homely atmosphere. At the same time, you expand your work and storage areas. Impressive material thicknesses set the scene perfectly for the elegant natural wood. Wooden or glass side panels provide additional stability and an elegant look. You can choose matching chairs from our extensive range to perfectly match your kitchen.

bar stool

Virtual kitchen studio

Virtual TEAM 7 kitchen studio

Discover TEAM 7 kitchen worlds online – In our virtual kitchen studio, you can experience the various design styles of our kitchens up close and discover the planning diversity of our kitchen range. The perfect inspiration to help you create your dream kitchen!

Kitchen checklist

What should you look for when planning a TEAM 7 kitchen?

Ergonomics, the division and correct spacing of the individual cooking areas, the room situation, space requirements, equipment - only when all components are optimally coordinated with each other is there nothing standing in the way of unrestricted cooking pleasure. As with cooking, planning and designing your kitchen is all a question of ingredients. Because every cook has their own style, uses different utensils and has special storage needs. Therefore, the kitchen should be perfectly tailored to your personal requirements and wishes. In our checklist, you will find basic questions that you can think about before the consultation in a TEAM 7 kitchen studio, so that you can lay the foundation for the perfect planning of your TEAM 7 natural wood kitchen.

The right kitchen shape for every room.

In addition to individual cooking habits and aesthetic preferences, the architecture already provides a lot for the ideal kitchen floor plan. Individually planned and made to measure, the extensive range of our solid wooden kitchens leaves all options open to you here: whether single-row or two-row kitchens, kitchen islands or U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens.

The kitchen as the focal point for the open-plan living space.

A kitchen is more than just a place to cook. It is a meeting place for the family, a communication centre and a place of well-being, to which solid wood lends a particularly cosy impression. Kitchens merge with other living areas and become the heart of the home. With our dining tables, chairs and benches, you can create a unique pleasure zone in your home. Perfectly coordinated in design, wood type and materials, the kitchen and dining area merge into a harmonious whole with flowing transitions. Your kitchen becomes even more versatile when combined with bar elements or counters. The morning espresso, the small snack in between or cooking together: Bar stools as stylish companions invite you to linger in the kitchen, exchange ideas and enjoy the moments.

Planning and buying your TEAM 7 wooden kitchen.

Every TEAM 7 natural wood kitchen is individually planned and made to measure - perfectly tailored to your wishes and needs. In order to know these as well as possible and to be able to take them into account in the planning, the kitchen consultants of our TEAM 7 partners look forward to talking to you in person. Together, they will then use the latest kitchen planning software to create your customised dream kitchen. In addition to experience and competence, our specialist kitchen dealers also inspire you with an extensive presentation of goods on site, in which the uniqueness of our TEAM 7 kitchens can be felt at first hand. However, the services offered by our TEAM 7 partners often go beyond mere kitchen planning. On request, you can also receive support in choosing the right flooring, wall and lighting design, and even offers on financing options. Use our dealer search to find the right TEAM 7 kitchen studio near you.

What does a wooden kitchen cost?

Made to order and custom-made, no two TEAM 7 kitchens are the same. Each one is as individual as the wishes and lifestyles of our customers. Size, kitchen shape, type of wood, interior, fittings and much more determine what a kitchen costs. And although our all-wood kitchens are all truly unique, they still have one thing in common: the highest quality. We pay attention to high-quality materials, perfect workmanship and first-class design. And fair prices that reflect the value of the kitchen.

This is what makes our natural wood kitchens so durable.

The carcasses of our kitchens are made of 100% solid wood. This gives them stability and resilience. For the fronts, we use high-quality 3-layer solid wood panels, which open up unique possibilities for design and function. With TEAM 7's 3-layer technology, three layers of the finest hardwood are glued together crosswise. In this way, the naturalness and natural strength of the wood is preserved and at the same time enormous dimensional stability is achieved.

What is the difference to a real wood kitchen?

So-called real wood kitchens are usually kitchens with carcasses made of chipboard and fronts with glued-on wood veneer. A TEAM 7 kitchen, on the other hand, is made of pure natural wood through and through. Solid wood carcasses form the stable basis that can even withstand relocation, and wooden fronts in 3-layer technology impress with dimensional stability and dimensional stability.

In which types of wood are TEAM 7 kitchens available?

A wide range of wood types is available for our kitchens: Alder, beech, beech heartwood, oak, wild oak, cherry, walnut, wild walnut, oak white oil and wild oak white oil. This opens up numerous possibilities when designing your kitchen. For example, light woods in combination with white make the kitchen look larger. Dark wood together with black surfaces, on the other hand, give the kitchen a very noble and elegant look. The character of a kitchen is therefore determined by the choice of the right wood.

Which kitchen worktops are best suited to TEAM 7 wooden kitchens?

Wood can be wonderfully combined with many materials, especially with natural materials such as ceramics or natural stone. Solid wood worktops, which give the kitchen a special charm, can also be used. In addition to the look, you should pay attention to the properties of the worktop. Scratch resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, food fastness and ease of care are the decisive criteria to consider when choosing your kitchen worktop. Visit a TEAM 7 kitchen studio near you. The kitchen planners at our TEAM 7 partners will be happy to advise you!

How to care for and clean your wooden kitchen properly.

The oiled wooden surfaces of TEAM 7 kitchens have a pleasant feel and are suitable for everyday use. A dry cotton cloth is therefore sufficient for daily cleaning. Depending on the degree of soiling, this can also be slightly damp. The wooden surfaces must not be exposed to permanent moisture. Do not use microfibre cloths and avoid grease-dissolving household cleaners, water-soluble cleaning agents and scouring agents, as these can damage or discolour the open-pored surfaces. More heavily soiled surfaces, such as grease stains or red wine stains, can be treated with a cleaning pad soaked in natural oil. Make sure to wipe only in the direction of the grain! Regularly maintained with natural oil, the wooden surfaces of our solid wooden kitchens will retain their beauty for many years. At the same time, they become more and more resistant from time to time. Even the traces of years of use as well as small dents and scratches can be removed. To preserve the valuable properties of the natural wood, it is important to clean TEAM 7 kitchens only with TEAM 7 care products.

The right back panel for your wooden kitchen.

In addition to its function as a practical splashback that makes cleaning the kitchen easier, the back panel also plays a role in the visual design of your wooden kitchen. If you have chosen natural stone or ceramic for your worktop, you can also use these materials for the rear wall. In this way, you create a consistent look in your wooden kitchen. Other materials, such as glass or tiles, are ideal for creating contrasts and colour accents in the kitchen design. Back panels made of real wood make kitchens particularly homely, but are only suitable to a limited extent as splashbacks. Therefore, their positioning in the kitchen planning should be well considered. The experienced kitchen planners at our TEAM 7 partners will be happy to support you here!

Sustainable wooden kitchens with letter and seal

Numerous environmental certificates and seals of approval attest to the environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable production of our TEAM 7 natural wood kitchens. These include the Austrian Eco-label, the Austria Furniture Quality Label and the EMAS validation. As an ISO-certified company, we stand for the implementation of internationally applicable standards in the areas of environment, quality and safety. In addition, the entire solid wood carcase system for our kitchens is GS-certified (tested safety). Find out more in our EMAS-validated environmental statement.


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