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Extendable wooden dining tables

tak designer dining table extendable

Solid wood extendable dining tables offer space for friends and family.

From a space-saving, cosy family table to a stately table in the blink of an eye? Child's play with our sophisticated, extendable dining tables made of real wood! Because with the most modern table extensions including integrated, cushioned inserts, you are just as flexible and spontaneous as your surprise guests with our extendable tables. With just a few simple steps, you can create additional seating in no time at all and always have enough space for your friends and guests, even in small rooms.

But extendable dining tables also impress with their flexibility in everyday life. The dining room table is the communication centre for the whole family. People eat, work, play, laugh and much more. Our wooden extendable dining tables always offer exactly the space you need.

What are the advantages of an extendable wooden dining table in the kitchen?

Especially in the kitchen, there is often not so much space available for a dining group. This is where our extendable wooden dining tables are just the thing! They adapt flexibly to the respective needs. They are space-saving in everyday life, for example at family breakfasts, lunches or dinners, and unfold their true size when it really matters. Then they effortlessly grow into a large table - perfect for a lavish buffet at brunch, a dinner party or a lively games evening. When choosing your extendable kitchen table, you can choose from numerous table types and various extension functions.

  • tema extendable table
    tema extendable table
  • tak extendable table
    tak extendable table
  • magnum extendable table
    magnum extendable table
  • nox extendable table
    nox extendable table
  • yps extendable table
    yps extendable table
  • mylon extendable table
    mylon extendable table
  • loft extendable table
    loft extendable table
  • miró extendable table
    miró extendable table
  • flaye extendable table
    flaye extendable table
  • taso extendable table
    taso extendable table

What types of extendable wooden dining tables are there?

Whether a four-legged table or a column table, wooden stringers or metal runners, organic shapes or straight lines: our wooden extendable dining tables convince not only with flexibility in length, but also with flexibility in design. The different models of our extendable tables meet the demands of personal taste and furnishing style as well as the respective architecture with distinctive design and characteristic form language. Delicate material thicknesses for fine lines are just as possible as solid material thicknesses that truly celebrate the noble wood in all its beauty. Numerous formats ensure that you will find the right table for every room size. In addition, table and insert tops in wood, coloured glass or ceramic offer you a wide range of combination options with your dining room furniture.

Rectangular extendable dining tables.
Rectangular dining tables are among the most popular models when it comes to planning a dining set. Since rooms usually have an angular floor plan, they can be placed in them more flexibly than other table shapes. Rectangular dining tables can be positioned both centrally in the room and against the wall with a corner bench. In this way, the available space can be used more efficiently and the dining room tables turn out to be true space miracles, seating more people.

Round extendable dining tables.
A round dining table comes into its own especially when it can form the focal point of the dining room. Its shape makes it look particularly inviting and cosy. No wonder, since you can communicate wonderfully with all the people at the table - there are no large distances such as from head to head. Round extendable dining tables also have certain advantages for families with children. Because when things get rough, it's good if at least the table doesn't have any corners.

What size should my solid wood extendable dining table be?

In any case, when closed, your extendable dining table should offer space for all the people living in your household. As a guide, you can reckon with a width of 60 cm and a depth of 40 cm per person. A dining room table for four people should therefore be at least 120 cm long. If you want to use your table for up to ten people, you will need a length of 300 cm. The wide range of our extendable tables offers you plenty of scope to find the right table size for you. For example, our magnum table can be extended from 250 to 350 cm in no time at all!
When planning your dining set, you should also keep the height of the table in mind. As standard, this is approx. 76 cm and varies slightly depending on the design of the table frame. The recommended distance between the seat and the table height is about 30 cm. Also make sure that any armrests fit under the table and take legroom into account.

This is how the extension functions of our TEAM 7 wooden tables work.

Whether head pull-out, centre pull-out, synchronous pull-out or a dining table with patented non-stop pull-out: No matter which extendable table you choose, you will be fascinated by the innovative technology inside. Within seconds, the smooth-running pull-outs can be operated gently and safely. The patented 2soft swing-out technology dampens the movement of the integrated insert plates in both directions. Well thought-out down to the last detail, our extendable dining tables retain their high-quality appearance even when open. When closed, the tops do not disappear visibly into the table. Our tak table is impressive in this respect. Despite its slender silhouette, it boasts state-of-the-art technology on the inside. Three simple handles are all it takes to extend it by up to 100 cm.

Please select your type of wood.

What types of wood are available for your extendable dining table?

Our extendable wooden dining tables are made of high-quality wood types such as walnut, oak, wild oak, beech or beech heartwood. In addition, other TEAM 7 wood types - each unique in its characteristics - offer plenty of scope for designing your individual, extendable dining table made of real wood.

What materials are available for extendable kitchen tables?

In addition to solid wood, you can also choose table tops made of ceramic or coloured glass for our extendable kitchen tables and thus perfectly match them to your kitchen. Depending on the model, versions with a metal frame, cheeks, column or legs made of wood are possible.

What style can I combine the extendable wooden dining table with?

Thanks to its natural colouring, wood can be used flexibly in different styles. The TEAM 7 wood variety ranges from light beech dining tables or oak dining tables to dark shades such as fine walnut. The different models of our extendable dining tables have the right design language for every taste.

Combine extendable dining tables in a classic style.
Dining tables in a simple, timeless design in their most original form with four slender legs, for example in oak, blend wonderfully into the classic furnishing style. Complete the dining set by combining the table with comfortable upholstered chairs. Fabric or leather upholstery in light cream colours or subtle shades of grey harmoniously round off the overall picture. Decorating with vases in neutral tones and flowers emphasises the simple, natural look of the dining room furniture.

Extendable tables with a modern look.
Extendable tables with solid wood tabletops in delicate material thicknesses and with an elegant metal frame suit the modern living style. Practical added value: the slim design of the tables creates plenty of free space for the legs. Stylish leather chairs complete the modern table-chair ensemble. Little but skilfully used decoration and the matching pendant lamp above the table emphasise the minimalist look of the furnishings.

The country style for extendable dining tables.
Lovers of the country house style particularly appreciate the cosy and homely ambience. Extendable tables made of real wood radiate warmth and enhance the feeling of security. The range of your design options here extends from light to dark wood, just the way you like it. Characteristic of our country style dining tables is the focus on the powerful charisma and solid materiality of solid wood, without appearing bulky. They owe this to the attention to detail and first-class craftsmanship. Combined with the matching bench and a few decorative cushions with natural motifs, a place of well-being is created in your home.

What does a solid wood extendable dining table cost?

Every solid wood extendable dining table from TEAM 7 is custom-made to order. Accordingly, the prices can vary. These depend, among other things, on the type of wood selected. In addition to high-quality materials, the value of our solid wood dining tables also results from the high quality of the workmanship, which is documented by numerous seals of quality. You can find out everything about our dining tables with extension function during a personal consultation at our TEAM 7 partners.

Let our team advise you on site.

If you are looking for the perfect extendable wooden dining table, matching chairs and sideboards, you are in good hands with our local TEAM 7 partners. Take advantage of an exclusive consultation in which our dining room furniture is individually tailored to your wishes. Benefit from creative furnishing ideas and competent planning.


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