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New products 2024

pur kitchen

Clean-cut and minimalist in appearance, the new handle-free pur kitchen highlights the beauty of its natural materials. The flexible and practical recessed grip opens up a broad spectrum of planning options when designing the kitchen fronts. Individual aesthetic and functional preferences can be realised to make the act of cooking even more enjoyable.

sign alcove element.

sign is a modular alcove unit system that offers entirely new possibilities for presenting open storage space in the kitchen in an elegant way. The slender elements of matte black aluminium make an elegant impression while providing exciting variety. Diverse shelf formats and a range of functional elements can be assembled with complete freedom. The centrepiece of the new system is an illuminated, dimmable rail that creates both upward and downward lighting accents – in whatever level of brightness and colour temperature you prefer, thanks to our new 24-volt multi-white lighting system. All elements can be freely positioned along this rail to produce a harmonious design.

Continuous wood grain: perfection is in the details.

Kitchens, wall units, occasional furniture and hinged-door wardrobes look even more refined as part of your interior design with continuous walnut fronts, once again proving that perfection lies in the details. TEAM 7 solid wood furniture is known for its high quality and its lovingly detailed craftsmanship. Our passionate desire for perfection goes so far that the wooden surfaces used for the fronts and table tops are sorted by hand. This “painting with wood” results in especially harmonious wood patterns. The highest accomplishment of this artform is to create surfaces with wood grain that runs continuously across multiple boards. Thanks to tremendous competence in woodworking, a strong emphasis on in-house production, and one of the largest solid wood timber yards in Europe, we can now also design the fronts of TEAM 7 furniture elements in the exclusive wood type walnut with up to four metres of continuous grain, at no extra cost. In order to achieve this, the individual wood strips are flipped upside-down in a complex manufacturing process.
The tak and magnum extendable tables take this feature even further: The table tops and inserts for these are available with a continuous grain in all types of wood, and the elegant wood pattern of the tables is retained even when extended. This is another impressive demonstration of TEAM 7’s unique capabilities as a manufacturer of high-end solid wood furniture.

elliot lounge chair.

TEAM 7 World embodies the high standards of the TEAM 7 brand in terms of the environment, innovation and aesthetics while uniting architecture and nature in an exceptional way. To mark its opening, we collaborated with internationally renowned designer Lucie Koldova to create a piece of furniture that reflects all of this: renewable materials and maximum comfort combined in an expressive design.

Nimbus fabric collection.

Exclusive to the new elliot lounge chair, this Italian wool bouclé creates a distinctive look and feel. The fabric is made up of countless small loops, producing a unique texture. Full and soft to the touch, the covers ensure a cosy and comfortable sitting experience. At the same time, the organic and sumptuous texture highlights the beauty and value of the material. The emotional power of the wool bouclé is further enhanced by a subtle melange effect. The colouring feels less saturated, making it especially stimulating. Nimbus is designed and produced in Italy. The upholstery fabrics are certified according to Ökotex Standard 100 and available in three carefully chosen tints of brown, beige and green.

Interactive magazine

Alder white oil.

Alder makes a comeback: It was the first type of wood used by TEAM 7 to craft solid wood furniture: alder. Thanks to its rapid regrowth and ability to hold its shape, this domestic wood type fits perfectly with our environmental principles. We use it to create furniture that will last at least as long as it takes a new tree to grow. The simple, relaxed wood pattern also makes it a thing of timeless beauty. Reason enough to bring it back into the foreground for a new style of refined exteriors. Effectively immediately, all TEAM 7 products for all living areas that were already available in alder can now also be obtained in alder white oil. The new lighter finish gives the wood a fresh look that blends in perfectly with contemporary home interiors, creating a modern ambience.

flor chair with swivel base.

With generous padding and a backrest that curves forward, the flor chair offers a first-class sitting experience. This comfort has now been taken to the next level by adding a twist. A new swivel base puts a fresh spin on the flor chair family. The integrated swivel mechanism allows for more movement while sitting and automatically swings the chair back to its original position after you stand up. Slim solid wood legs converging towards the middle of the chair form an elegant base and perfectly harmonise with the shape and style of the taso table. As is typical of TEAM 7, this stable design was conceived with maximum sustainability in mind. Because no glue was used, all parts of the new base frame can be removed and individually replaced or optimally recycled after a long service life.

taso table with new width and wood type.

The taso table features clear stylistic elements, refined manufacturing from 100% solid wood and an innovative extension technology. This popular table model is now available with additional planning options. The extendable table has a new version with a width of 90 cm. As a result, taso can be selected in smaller formats, opening up greater scope for design planning, especially in rooms with limited space. Attractive in both price and appearance, taso is now available as an extendable or non-extendable table in the wood type alder. Its elegant wood pattern makes the table a timeless accent. With the new material option, there is a choice between the white oil finish, giving the surfaces a light, contemporary appearance, and the natural oil version, emphasising the warm red-golden tints.

New front option for cubus, cubus pure and filigno.

Above all, it is the attention to detail and the clever nuances that make TEAM 7 solid wood furniture so unique. This can also be seen in the new square doors with criss-cross division. The additional front option opens up many new design possibilities for our wall units, occasional furniture and entry hall cabinets. Discreet joints cleverly divide the surface of the hinged doors into squares, giving the furniture a more refined look. The criss-cross division also allows for a horizontally continuous joint pattern, even with the popular combination of drawers and hinged doors. The new design option is available with four different front heights in solid wood, coloured glass and ceramic.

Jet fabric collection.

With its Jet upholstery fabrics, TEAM 7 offers a vegan alternative and an additional palette for the individual design of varied solid wood furniture. The new fabric collection is made in Italy using 100% Trevira polyester fibres. Unmixed processing guarantees that the material can be recycled efficiently and sustainably, ensuring a long lifespan within the circular economy. In addition to the environmental criteria, the new Jet fabrics also make for an intriguing planning option thanks to their attractive price point. Similar in look and feel to wool covers, this innovative fabric has a fine texture and is soft to the touch. Thanks to their robust structure, Trevira fibres are exceptionally long-lasting and hardwearing. Easy to care for, washable at up to 60°C and flame resistant, the new fabric collection is also ideally suited for use in commercial interiors. Jet fabrics are certified according to Ökotex Standard 100 as well as the EU Ecolabel, and they satisfy the high environmental requirements of the Austrian Ecolabel.

Sera fabric collection.

The new Sera fabric collection, featuring nine colours, introduces yet another premium product to the TEAM 7 range of materials. Made from 94% worsted yarn spun from high-quality virgin wool, the fine fabrics boast a unique and appealing texture. Thanks to extensive processing, Sera fabrics are exceptionally long-lasting and very hardwearing. Visually, they impress with both soft tones and bold, excitingly brilliant colours. Even beyond their natural origins and top-notch processing, the new Sera fabrics satisfy TEAM 7’s high environmental and quality standards in all other respects as well. The manufacturing takes place regionally in Bavaria. Extensive quality and environmental management measures ensure that animal protection regulations are always complied with, that the production process is environmentally sound and that Sera is guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. Accordingly, the new TEAM 7 fabric collection meets the stringent requirements of the Austrian Ecolabel.

miró taken to a new dimension.

The miró table is now available in a new size: 200 cm in diameter, which makes it especially comfortable for up to eight people. The round table top makes miró the perfect focal point for get-togethers and open communication. Handcrafted details and the beauty of the hand-selected wooden surface have a particularly inspiring effect. An optional flush-fitted turntable integrated into the table top in solid wood, coloured glass or ceramic is bound to liven up any conversation – and it is now also available with a diameter of 80 cm to match the new table size.

filigno writing desk with monitor lift.

The filigno writing desk is ideal for the modern home office, combining elegantly slender and light style with practical storage space. As well as its neat, contemporary exterior, the filigno writing desk has impressively smart technology on the inside. Numerous additional functions, such as USB ports and a power socket, make filigno a fully equipped home office workstation, and the new version with monitor lift offers even more convenience. The screen can be ergonomically positioned at the ideal height using an integrated, continuously height-adjustable monitor holder. This ensures a comfortable and healthy posture even while working at home. When the monitor is no longer needed, it vanishes back inside the desk at the push of a button. What remains? Only the good feeling of having finished a day’s work and a beautiful solo piece that fits harmoniously into the living space.

sol writing desk with refined technology.

The smart writing desk sol is a true all-rounder. On request, it can also be customised to individual needs and fitted with some clever additional functions. All of this is packaged in an award-winning design that is now even more practical thanks to the refined technology. A new, sophisticated lifting mechanism ensures gentle opening and closing of the writing surface with precision and stability. When the writing surface is extended and securely fixed in the end position, the desk offers additional legroom as well as access to the functional interior fittings, which have also been further upgraded with great attention to detail, including the entire wiring. This has been completely revised so that now only one cable is required for the power supply. Sit back and let sol do the rest for you!


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