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New products for 2022

Living & working in harmony with nature.

We enjoy feeling close to nature and long for a sense of security. Our homes have a new significance in our lives. At the same time, our home life and the world of work are increasingly intertwined, and this is changing the way we live. Pure solid wood is a living material that meets these needs and can be easily integrated into any style of interiors. You too can fulfil your longing for an authentic piece of nature – explore TEAM 7’s new products for 2022.

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Our classic range with a new look.

cubus, with its distinctive 25 mm thick, solid wood top, is the TEAM 7 living range for people who really love wood. Our striking new solid wood top, 39 mm thick, gives cubus wall units a stunning new look and modern, linear style. It accentuates the natural strength and beauty of solid wood even more, both visually and in the way it feels to the touch. Constructed using our innovative three-layer technology, it has impressive structural stability and a high load-bearing capacity. Using the 39 mm thick panel, it is possible to create new furniture plans with projecting shelves. Thanks to the optional integrated cable outlet in the top board and the cable channel below it your home entertainment equipment can still be almost invisible. Wood end panels set flush with the front form a base 16 cm high, which raises the cabinet element off the floor, giving it a visual impression of lightness despite its robust physicality. The new round dot knob handles make a delightful decorative feature. The end-grained wood is clearly visible from the front, highlighting our meticulous attention to detail.

The frame as a work of art.

Additional planning options for our wall units and occasional furniture come in the form of new black aluminium frame doors with clear glass or smoked glass. The black aluminium frame is a subtle feature that coordinates beautifully with all TEAM 7 wood types. Combined with a glass side panel the delicate aluminium frame opens up interesting sightlines into and through the units at the corner. The door hinges are countersunk into the wooden element and hidden by the aluminium frame, enhancing the elegance and sophisticated workmanship of these aluminium frame doors. Accents of light can be provided as required by a dimmable LED strip at the back of the unit. Another alternative is spotlights, available in black to match the aluminium frame.

Work is a side issue here.

The cubus pure sideboard 85 was developed specially to fit in with our wohnofficeT7. It combines practical storage space, an ergonomic working position and stylish design. With a generous drawer, closed storage behind a flush-fitted sliding door with a solid wood/coloured glass front, and an open design element with file dividers, it has everything you need. A flush-fitted, integrated power socket with USB-A ports in the open section offers a stylish power supply for your mobile devices. The sideboard is available in two widths and depths and in all TEAM 7 wood types. 

Almost unlimited options.

We are always adding further developments to our solid wood furniture. A new fitting for our flush-mounted sliding doors in the cubus, cubus pure and filigno sideboards now makes it possible to use an unpowered, purely mechanical opening system. A particularly impressive feature of the new system is that the sliding door moves very quietly, using an almost invisible mechanism. This opens up new options for design planning and possible uses.

Wardrobes with a system.

After completely revising our hinged-door wardrobes, including the interior fittings, our sliding door wardrobes have now also been adapted to fit the new wardrobe system. They can be planned entirely to your requirements, with heights of 210, 226 or 242 cm, and depths of 40 or 60 cm. For the fronts you can select your favourite personal style, choosing from soft, lunetto and valore. Innovative new fittings also make our sliding door wardrobes easier to use. The ingenious way they are constructed enables them to slide with an impressively light, quiet movement and perfect cushioning. As an alternative to integrated strip handles, there is also a handle-free design option for the fronts. You can combine hinged and sliding doors to create your own personalised storage space. A multitalented addition to your bedroom, entry hall, entrance area....

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New colours for individual design freedom

TEAM 7 has expanded its multifaceted repertoire with the nuanced additions of a new leather colour and three new glass colours. These can be matched to the various types of wood in different ways to create neutral, understated and yet delightfully appealing colour combinations, allowing new creative scope for your personal style preferences. The new glass colours light grey and graphite grey exude a cool elegance and, like the soft natural white, combine elegantly with the attractive warmth of the wood. Light grey is the new addition to the range of leather colours and enhances the elegant character of our furniture designs.


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