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TEAM 7 World

TEAM 7 World

TEAM 7 World

Where our vision becomes reality.

TEAM 7 World marks a new milestone in our company’s success story – and it is so much more than just a corporate headquarters. It is the realisation of a vision; a place where our values and the appeal of the TEAM 7 brand can be experienced in a tangible way. A place that inspires people and showcases new ways of living a sustainable lifestyle. Come and experience it at first hand by immersing yourself in our unique philosophy in the Place of Encounter, discovering genuine natural beauty for your home in our store, or enjoying local delicacies reimagined in the MYC restaurant.

Come and visit TEAM 7 World during our opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 09:00 – 18:00 | Saturday: 09:00-13:00

TEAM 7 World Store.

You can find out what high-quality sustainable living really looks like in our store, which occupies 1,200 square metres of space within TEAM 7 World. Stylishly presented displays of solid wood furniture from our kitchen, dining, living, wohnofficeT7, sleeping and kids ranges – along with exclusive Edition Lignatur bathroom furniture, produced in partnership by the KEUCO and TEAM 7 brands – show how our complete furniture plans blend architecture and nature together to create a captivating effect. Visit our store at TEAM 7 World and benefit from our premium customised advice and planning services yourself!

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 09:00 – 18:00 | Saturday: 09:00-13:00

MYC – the TEAM 7 World restaurant.

High-quality natural ingredients take centre stage not just when it comes to our furniture, but in our MYC restaurant too. This eatery is directly accessible from the TEAM 7 World store and the Place of Encounter. Karl Gramberger, David Gattringer and their team would love nothing better than to take you on a culinary voyage of discovery with dishes that are bold and modern, yet rooted in the local cuisine. In addition to inventive meat- and fish-based fare, there are also many vegetarian options to choose from.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 11:30 am – 10:30 pm

Savour the moment in the Place of Encounter.

Right at the heart of TEAM 7 World, the Place of Encounter unfolds. Here you can discover our passion for wood and the unique ambience of TEAM 7 World in a multisensory experience. The forest, which constantly regenerates under the power of the sun and represents a continuous cycle of new beginnings, is the inspiration behind this central hub, where people can get to know our brand through a series of seven trees. Designed to resemble a forest glade, the Place of Encounter encourages visitors to come and relax beneath its impressive leafy canopy and savour the moment. Take a seat and soak in the atmosphere, spend some time interacting with those around you, or discover the fascinating appeal of the TEAM 7 brand through interactive and analogue installations. Take a selfie at the photo point to make sure the Place of Encounter leaves you not only with lasting impressions but also lasting memories of this special kind of woodland walk.

A sustainable home for our vision.

Designed with the environment and sustainability in mind, TEAM 7 World sets new standards in terms of green buildings. When it came to choosing the building materials, we took care to avoid petroleum-based products and composites. Instead, we relied on natural and recyclable materials that can later be returned unmixed to the value chain cycle. Thanks to our innovative energy concept and by reducing building services to a minimum, the low-tech TEAM 7 World building is exceptionally low-maintenance, resource-friendly and energy-efficient. Instead of air conditioning, for example, it uses underfloor cooling and a window ventilation system set to run during the night. This innovative building shows how a high-end lifestyle and active climate protection can go hand in hand. TEAM 7 World is the realisation of our vision of living in harmony with nature.

Visiting TEAM 7 World.

Whether you are coming to shop or seek inspiration in the TEAM 7 World store, to enjoy the fascinating interplay of architecture and nature in the Place of Encounter, or to discover the new culinary delights on offer at the MYC restaurant, we are keen to make your visit to TEAM 7 World as enjoyable as possible. There is plenty of free parking available in the underground car park and around the building, so you can take your time exploring TEAM 7 World.

TEAM 7 World
4910 Ried im Innkreis
Telephone: +43 7752 977-0
E-Mail: infomail displayteam7mail displayat


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