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Our natural oil is the key to eternal youth –
but sadly it only works on furniture!

it's a tree story.

Easy care, cleaning and repair of solid wood furniture.

Our oiled wooden surfaces ar not only pleasant to touch – they also hold up well in daily use. The surfaces respond well to a simple daily cleaning and also small repairs. Even traces from years of use can be removed: The oil for our furniture includes natural ingredients like linseed oil, sunflower oil and bees’ wax and is available at your TEAM 7 dealer or our online wood care shop.

Caring for solid wood

Polished with natural oil every 1-2 years, the wooden surfaces retain their beauty for a long time. Even dents or scratches can be mended easily: sand it down, apply oil, and you’re done. But not just that. The open-pored treatment lets wood preserve its wonderful properties. It has an anti-bacterial and anti-static effect, can absorb smells and helps regulate the humidity in the living space. You can find more information about caring for solid wood along with the appropriate cleaning and care products in our online product care shop.

Please ensure that you rinse and dispose of all oil-soaked cloths and cleaning pads after use, as they can pose a risk of spontaneous combustion. Read the information on the bottles.

TEAM 7 nox bed swiss pine

Care of Swiss pine

Unoiled Swiss pine can fully unfold its pleasant, soothing fragrance. For daily cleaning of the unoiled wood, use a clean, dry cotton cloth. If the wood is slightly soiled, you may also dampen the cloth but make sure that you always wipe the wood dry. You can treat more heavily soiled surfaces or black spots (rubber marks) with a scouring pad by rubbing with just a little pressure in the direction of the grain. As with all our natural wood surfaces, small dents or scratches can easily be repaired.

Close-up of TEAM 7 nox bench backrest in leather

Leather care

The type of leather and soiling play a role in determining the proper care. You can find detailed information about leather care along with the appropriate cleaning and care products in our online product care shop.


TEAM 7 aye chair in fabric and leather

Fabric care

For our furniture we only use the highest quality fabrics that are made from a minimum of 90% pure wool. Surfaces that consist of this natural product are particularly resilient, flame-resistant, breathable and resistant to moisture and dirt. In addition to vacuuming regularly, you should use a special cleaning agent once or twice a year to clean your furniture. You can find more information about fabric care along with the appropriate cleaning and care products in our online product care shop.

TEAM 7 magnum chair in Stricktex

Stricktex/ Softstrick care

Stricktex and Softstrick are distinguished by being easy to care for, having a high abrasion resistance, brilliant colours and having excellent lightfastness. The material is also very adaptable and breathable, which makes it particularly comfortable. Many spots can be removed simply with lukewarm water. If necessary, this can be followed by applying water with a small amount of soap. If there are dried stains, it is usually sufficient to remove loose material first by hand or with a brush and then vacuuming the stain. It is important to follow this up with pure water. You can find more information about Stricktex and Softstrick care along with the appropriate cleaning and care products in our online product care shop.

magnum extendable table with slot-and-pin connection with ceramic surface

Ceramic care

Ceramic is made from natural mineral materials and has an extremely durable surface. It has a high level of scratch and heat resistance, is impermeable to water, and is also impervious to liquids and practically all household chemicals. Ceramic surfaces can be cleaned simply and efficiently with standard commercial cleaning agents. Metallic sponges and abrasive cleaners are not suitable, as they can cause differences in the product's lustre after cleaning.

TEAM 7 cubus display case

Glass care

Satinised coloured glass has a rough surface, which makes it more prone to soiling. It should be treated with more care than is customary for other glass surfaces. Cleaning should only be done with cleaning agents that are free of acids or silicone. You can find more information about glass care, as well as the appropriate cleaning and care products in our online product care shop.

Cleaning the countertop of a TEAM 7 kitchen

Worktop care

Quartz is naturally beautiful, durable, hygienic and easy to care for. Dirt can usually be removed with a moist cloth or a little bit of cleaning agent and a sponge. It is recommended that soiled areas be cleaned within 24 hours.

Extendable TEAM 7 tak table with lui chairs

Aluminium care

We use galvanised metal for the visible areas of our furniture: polished, anodised or varnished aluminium. These parts are best cleaned using a mixture of water and detergent, followed by rinsing them with clean water. Do not use any alcohol or abrasive cleaning materials under any circumstances as this might damage the surface. You can find more information about the appropriate cleaning and care products in our online product care shop.

Our formula for fine and healthy living.

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