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tak extendable table with lui chairs

Wooden dining room furniture made of real wood.

With our wooden dining room furniture, you can turn your dining room into a place of pleasure. You decide the ingredients: Numerous dining tables can be combined with a wide variety of chairs and benches to create individual dining groups. Innovative table extensions ensure flexibility in everyday life and ergonomically designed seating furniture provides first-class comfort. Functional sideboards and display cabinets offer practical storage space on the one hand and the ideal stage for staging decorative accessories on the other. Start planning - according to your taste.

Configure tak table

Configure lui chair

With our wooden furniture you can furnish your dining room in a really cosy way.

Enjoyment and conviviality play the main role in the dining room. As the centre of the home, it fulfils many tasks and is the meeting place for the whole family. Not only eating together, but also doing homework, exciting game evenings with friends and family and much more, take place in the dining room: a true multifunctional room. Well thought-out furnishings that are beautiful and functional at the same time and the warm impression of our wooden furniture turn your dining room into an oasis of well-being. Whether you prefer a spacious dining room or a cosy eat-in kitchen, you will find the right wooden dining room furniture at TEAM 7.

What furniture belongs in a dining room?

A comfortable dining area, space for crockery, favourite photos and decorative items characterise a well-planned dining room. Solid wood creates a pleasant atmosphere. The dining table as the central element combined with matching chairs and benches forms the basis. Sufficient storage space and decorative storage space are provided by occasional furniture such as display cabinets, highboards and sideboards.




Occasional furniture

Side tables


Waldkante wall cladding made of solid wood

We bring nature into your dining room.

The wall panelling Waldkante fascinates with its unique surface structure and is made of completely untreated natural wood. This supports a healthy and pleasant environment in your dining room - and incidentally provides a completely new look.

What types of wood are there for dining room furniture?

Solid wood dining room furniture has many advantages. They are unique, durable and stable. At the same time, they ensure a healthy room climate. Depending on your taste and living style, you can choose from a wide variety of wood types at TEAM 7. The spectrum ranges from alder, beech and beech heartwood to oak, wild oak, Venice oak, white oiled oak, wild oiled oak and cherry, walnut and wild walnut. Additional design options are provided by glass and ceramic surfaces as well as fabric and leather covers in the matching colour.


In which style can I furnish my solid wood dining room?

Your personal taste is decisive for the style of your dining room. You decide what you like. No matter whether you want to furnish your dining room in a romantic country house style, modern or Scandinavian style, TEAM 7 offers the right designer furniture for your solid wood dining room.

Furnish your dining room in country house style.

The country house style stands for closeness to nature, deceleration and romance. The focus is on natural materials such as untreated or oiled wood. A dining room in country house style captivates with the powerful, rustic charisma of wood combined with loving details. Warm colours dominate the furniture as well as matching accessories such as lampshades, curtains, table runners and china. Additional retro-style decorative items conjure up the desired atmosphere in your home.

Choose a modern style for the dining room.

Spacious, open-plan living areas are particularly suitable for a modern-style dining room. Combine neutral colours and natural materials such as leather and wood. Modern LED lamps and design classics like our cantilever chairs are the perfect companions for this style of living.

Design a dining room in Scandinavian style.

Reduced design, light colours and natural materials dominate this living style. Clear lines, oiled wood, the colours white and grey create an informal, harmonious living atmosphere. Minimalist, flexible and restrained, this furnishing style lets us come to rest and feel the connection to nature.

Decoration tips for the dining room.

When choosing decorative items, always keep the colour palette and the overall design of the room in mind. Placemats, tablecloths, seat cushions and decorative pillows in the same colour scheme give your dining room a homely atmosphere. These are also easily interchangeable and can be designed to match the season. Curtains and drapes not only serve as privacy and sun protection, they also significantly shape the style of your dining room. When choosing your lamps, pay attention not only to the design but also to sufficient and pleasant lighting. For the design of the walls, reach for pictures, photos or clocks as wall decorations. Wooden wall panelling enhances the cosy ambience.

Eat-In Kitchen or separate dining room?

Wooden dining room furniture is perfect for both large eat-in kitchens and separate dining rooms.

Separate dining room

There are many points in favour of a separate dining room. This way, no kitchen chaos is visible even when visitors are present. Pots, pans and dirty dishes simply disappear into the kitchen, leaving a clean table. Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked bread, but it's a different story with onions and the like. By spatially separating the dining room, no unpleasant cooking smells and no kitchen noise can interfere with your enjoyment. In addition, an enclosed wooden dining room offers a separate place of retreat and more space for your guests.

Living room kitchen

An eat-in kitchen is a lively meeting place where everyone gathers even while cooking. Even when guests come, no one is alone in a separate room. This creates the best conversations in an informal atmosphere. The practical aspect is that the food does not have to be carried far and everything is always at hand. In addition, a kitchen-living room, whether large or small, takes up less space than a separate dining room.

Furnishing tips for small dining rooms.

Use light colours, they make the room look wider and larger. The combination with dark dining room furniture enhances this effect. Fold-out dining tables provide more space in the dining room. Dining groups with rectangular dining tables are best placed with the broad side against the wall. With flexible seating, they are ideally equipped for spontaneous visitors. When planning, also look for space-saving storage furniture for crockery, glasses and table linen. The effect of light should not be underestimated. With the right lighting, even a small dining room looks much more spacious in no time at all.

What does solid wood dining room furniture cost?

TEAM 7 natural wood furniture is made to order and made to measure - exactly according to your individual wishes. The cost of wooden dining room furniture therefore depends on the materials, size and fittings chosen. Our TEAM 7 partners will be happy to support you with their competent, personal advice. Even though no two pieces of furniture are the same, you can rely on one thing from TEAM 7: the highest quality. This is also proven by our numerous awards and seals of quality, such as the "Austria Gütezeichen Möbel", which stands for Austrian origin, quality and innovative strength.

Let us advise you on site.

Well thought-out dining room furnishings that suit you and your style of living require a great deal of intuition for what is special and listening to your wishes. Our TEAM 7 partners will also inspire you with their furnishing ideas during a personal consultation. Discover the comprehensive range of dining room furniture from TEAM 7 in a product presentation at our TEAM 7 partners. Our partners will be happy to advise you on site and present the many advantages of solid wood furniture.


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