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Nursery furniture made of solid wood – safe, stylish and practical

Why is nursery furniture important?

In order to get off to the best start in life, babies need to feel secure, cared for, and be surrounded by a natural environment – free from harmful substances. A newborn baby’s first experiences discovering their senses are formative, which is why it’s so important to provide them with a harmonious and sheltered environment – a safe and secure nest for dreaming that meets their unique needs. At the same time, baby furniture needs to be functional and offer enough space to store all kinds of items, such as nappies, clothes and toys. When furnishing a nursery, it’s a good idea to think about the long term, because your little one will grow like a shot – and so too will their needs. With our wooden baby furniture, you can furnish your nursery in such a way that it fulfils all of these requirements.

What items of baby furniture does TEAM 7 offer?

Decorating the whole nursery is an exciting, yet challenging undertaking. It’s the first page in a new chapter of your family life, and there’s an awful lot for you to think about. TEAM 7 kids offers everything from a single source: with our baby bed and crib, you can create the perfect ambience for your child to develop a natural sleep cycle in the first few months and years of their life. The sophisticated changing station can later be transformed into a small work station, and you can ensure that you always have enough storage space thanks to our expandable kids wardrobes, perfect for use from babyhood right through to young adulthood – together with our kids beds. The simple wood pattern of the alder used for all of these pieces ensures a harmonious overall appearance, whilst the minimalist stylistic elements give the furniture a timeless aesthetic.

Mobile baby bed – a sheltered nest on wheels.

The most striking feature of our kids baby bed is its simple design. A minimalist, solid wood frame forms a strong base for this timeless favourite. The baby bed is formed out of a special recycled polyester fabric that keeps it lightweight and underpins the airy feel. The small size and the soft fabric of the baby bed create a sheltered nest where your newborn – shielded from outside influences – will feel secure and can sleep undisturbed. The fabric part can be easily removed and washed at 40 °C or 60 °C for optimal hygiene. Integrated fabric pockets have plenty of room for nappies and wipes. High-quality wheels and the light weight make our baby bed mobile and flexible for when you want to move it from one living area to another, for example. Disassembled into just a few elements, it is also easy to transport as a spare travel crib thanks to its flat packing size. You also have the option of renting our kids baby bed. You can find out more about this from selected TEAM 7 partners.


Versatile crib – comfort for all ages.

The height-adjustable slatted frame allows the crib to be adapted to your child’s mobility. Initially set at the higher position, making it easier for you to lay your baby down in the bed, the mattress can later be repositioned lower down once your child learns how to pull themselves up on the side bars – ensuring that their first attempts at standing up can be practised in safe surroundings. Two removable side bars enable older children to climb out of the crib on their own. Once your little one has outgrown their crib, it can be easily transformed into a cosy sofa – the perfect place to snuggle up in the nursery and tell stories. Genuine wood finished exclusively with pure natural oil ensures an uncontaminated and safe environment at all times.

Multifunctional wall module – ideal for wiping and surfing the web.

For any nursery to be complete, it needs a baby bed and a nappy-changing table. Not necessarily! Our kids wall module is a smart, space-saving alternative that’s a shining example of sustainable design. Because it combines two functions: changing station and mini-office. Simply fold it down, add a changing mat and there you have it – the solid wood surface is transformed into a stable and safe nappy-changing table. Once your child is out of nappies, the module can be used as a functional mini-office. Particularly practical features here are the LED lighting and power socket, which can be optionally integrated into the module. After use the module can simply be folded back against the wall. For comfort and safety, the soft-close flip top opens and closes smoothly. The mobile pedestal, which is available in two widths, completes this multifunctional feature: it can be placed directly below the shelf to ensure that everything you need is close to hand – whether it’s nappies and cream or paper and pens. That’s why the wall module is perfectly in keeping with our kids philosophy: it changes along with the needs of your child – evolving with them into adolescence and beyond.

What is the benefit of kids baby furniture made of wood?

Pure solid wood for a natural start in life in the nursery. Solid wood and high-quality workmanship guarantee safety and premium quality – as verified by the GS symbol (safety certified) on our baby bed, crib and wall module. Our kids nursery furniture is sure to be a loyal and cherished companion for many years to come thanks to its durability and versatility. The wood for our baby furniture comes from sustainable forestry and is finished exclusively with natural oil, allowing it to breathe and remain free of harmful substances. This is absolutely vital when your little ones begin to explore the world around them, as babies mainly use their mouths and tongues to play around with and discover things in the first phase of their development. Having open-pore real wood in your nursery also helps maintain a pleasant indoor air quality and provides a healthy living environment for your child.

What do you need to bear in mind when buying nursery furniture?

The main purpose of your nursery is to provide your newborn child with a sense of security. That’s why natural materials that are particularly low in pollutants and that radiate warmth are the first choice. The size of the sleeping area should also be adapted to your baby’s needs, especially in the first few months of their life. Our compact kids baby bed creates a cosy environment where your little one can sleep safe and sound. It can also be set up right next to your own bed, allowing you to be right by your baby’s side throughout the night too. As babies grow bigger and get older, their sleeping habits also change. That’s when it’s time to make the switch to a crib and, later down the line, a child’s bed with more space, giving your child plenty of room to move around. Make sure that these have secure safety rails, as your little one will change positions often while they sleep. Tried-and-tested nursery furniture, such as our GS-certified kids cribs and children’s beds, guarantee the necessary level of safety. In addition to security and safety, functionality also plays a major role in the nursery setting – especially for the parents. Carefully considered storage solutions ensure that nappies, cream, clothes and toys can be cleverly stowed away, yet are always within reach when needed. Also make sure to pay attention to the expandability and versatility of the furniture you choose for your nursery. Furniture that grows with your child, that can be used for a long time and that brings joy is a sustainable investment.

Tips for furnishing your nursery.

When thinking about how to decorate their child’s nursery, people tend to start with the wall colour. This should be fairly delicate and soothing and not too garish. Neutral white walls that will stand the test of time as your baby grows into a young child and a teenager can be spiced up with colourful pictures or stencils. When it comes to coordinating wall design and furnishings, our timeless kids furniture and the simple wood pattern of the alder give you plenty of creative freedom. The type of lighting you choose for your nursery also has a major impact on the atmosphere that the room radiates. Bright ceiling lights provide plenty of light for your little one to play, whilst smaller, perhaps even dimmable lamps allow you to create a cosy space where you can cuddle with your baby. Nightlights also contribute to your child’s well-being, especially when it comes to helping them doze off. Little babies love to have a cosy place to play. And, to make this space even more comfortable for them, why not lay out some cosy playmats or a nice soft rug?


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