Kids’ room furniture made of solid wood by TEAM 7

Environmentally friendly children’s furniture made of solid wood.

A natural start in life. Our pure solid wood kids’ furniture is finished exclusively with natural oil, making it possible to grow up in a healthy environment, free from harmful substances. Wood supports a healthy room climate, helping your child get a good night’s sleep and improving concentration. Its warm look and feel imbues the kids’ room with a sense of safety and comfort. And because these rooms are often hectic places, the mobile furniture features rounded corners and edges. Sophisticated and flexible, the adaptable mobile furniture adjusts to your child’s age and becomes a faithful companion for many years – from baby to teenager. The cot transforms into a comfy sofa. The single bed can easily be converted into a den bed, mid-level bed, or bunk bed. And together with a three-dimensionally adaptable swivel chair, our height-adjustable desk always offers the perfect ergonomic seating position. What remains the same over the years? Lots of room to give the imagination free rein! Because curtains, extensions, and a wide range of accessories can add colour to your child’s room. Rabbit, bear, and owl – the animals of the forest – represent the pink, blue, and green colour schemes. Individual design options turn your child’s room into a place full of inspiration that invites children to play, explore, or just dream.


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