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When sustainability meets aesthetics - Interior designs made of natural wood from TEAM 7.

Holistic living with wood is currently experiencing a real renaissance. There are many reasons for this: The natural material combines timeless beauty with durability, healthy living with sustainability and is therefore becoming increasingly popular in modern interior design. With its comprehensive expertise in wood, TEAM 7 enables the design of complete interior architectures - customised and tailored to personal preferences. This results in individual room concepts that combine a clear design language and natural aesthetics.

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kids furniture programme from TEAM 7 - Naturalness right from the start.

Children‘s rooms are more than just bedrooms. In their very own personal realm, children give free rein to their imagination, they play and romp, fool around, laze around and only come to rest when they are tired. The kids programme from TEAM 7 aims to create just such a place for children in their own home: with functional furniture that offers plenty of scope for creative design options - and a natural environment for healthy growing up.

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Everything made to measure: kitchen planning at TEAM 7

TEAM 7 designs flowing transitions and holistic living concepts with harmonious materials, functional sophistication and millimetre-precise adjustments. To achieve this, every detail is precisely coordinated. All kitchens are individually planned and custom-made to meet personal requirements and spatial characteristics: from simple kitchen units to complex eat-in kitchens with kitchen islands, from handcrafted country kitchens to purist designer kitchens.

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Comeback of a classic - Alder white oil at TEAM 7.

It was the first type of wood that TEAM 7 used to make natural wood furniture and still stands for the company's sustainable philosophy today: alder. Because its wood grows back quickly, is extremely hard-wearing and also impresses visually with its lightness and elegance, it is high time for a comeback. The surface finish with white oil and new attractive planning options in all living areas ensure this.

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Designweek 2024: elliot goes to Milan TEAM 7 at the "Design Palazzo Austria".

The elliot lounge chair by designer Lucie Koldova is the highlight of this year's TEAM 7 innovations. Casual and elegant, the design plays with clear shapes and fine details, with purist lightness and voluminous comfort. Its fresh aesthetics and consistently sustainable design not only reflect the high standards of natural wood furniture manufacturer TEAM 7, but also make it a design classic of tomorrow. This is precisely why elliot is part of this year's "Design Palazzo Austria" - an initiative of AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA, in close cooperation with the Austrian Furniture Industry. The exhibition will take place as part of the Salone del Mobile from 16 to 21 April 2024 in Milan in the historic rooms of the "Palazzo Confalonieri - Fondazione Cariplo". Excitingly staged by the architects Vasku&Klug, selected Austrian products from various sectors will be presented, which are characterised by their special quality, innovation and future-oriented design.
Design Palazzo Austria
From 16 to 21 April 2024 | Daily from 10.00 to 21.00, free admission
Palazzo Confalonieri, Fondazione Cariplo | Via Romagnosi, 8 | 20121 Milan, Italy

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New occasional furniture by TEAM 7: diversity in a square.

Clever nuances and an indispensable attention to detail are what make TEAM 7’s solid wood furniture a unique addition to any home. This is also reflected in the occasional furniture belonging to the cubus, cubus pure and filigno ranges: the designs are characterised by a pure solid wood aesthetic and exciting contrasts between homogenous glass surfaces and the vibrant natural grain pattern of the wood. Our new square doors with criss-cross division offer even more variety when it comes to the planing options available.

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TEAM 7’s filigno writing desk with monitor lift: a solo piece full of surprises.

At first glance, the filigno writing desk looks like a dresser. In actual fact, the design conceived by Sebastian Desch combines a clear, minimalist aesthetic with ample storage space and a host of surprising technical features – and can be transformed into a comfortable workspace in next to no time.

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pur kitchen by TEAM 7 - New element system with recessed grips.

Comfortable handling meets a linear, ultra-minimalist design: by introducing finely crafted recessed grips for top and bottom cabinets, TEAM 7 is offering its customers more creative freedom when designing their kitchen. The ingeniously constructed, precisely dimensioned recess makes it delightfully easy to open hinged doors, drawers and pull-outs – while consistently pursuing the idea of a sleek, minimalist kitchen design with clear lines.In order to seamlessly turn this vision into a reality, we needed to employ creativity and expertise: that’s why TEAM 7 designed a new element system specifically for this purpose, carefully taking into account the design requirements of the new style of handle. The pur kitchen was designed by Sebastian Desch.

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Modern, casual, timeless – the elliot lounge chair by TEAM 7

The glass sculptures, iconic lights and timeless pieces of furniture designed by Lucie Koldova showcase her expressive, atmospheric approach to her art. And now, the designer has created a signature piece that reflects the philosophy of the TEAM 7 brand and the architecture of the new TEAM 7 World: the elliot lounge chair. The refreshing reinterpretation of the classic lounge chair is made from renewable materials, provides ultimate comfort and captivates with a design that’s as bold as it is casual.

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kitchen novelties 2024. Press kit.

With its vibrant grain and characteristic colour tones, solid wood takes the aesthetic of the kitchen to a whole new level. This is palpable with all TEAM 7 products, including our kitchen innovations for 2024. A particular highlight of the 2024 innovations is the pur kitchen.

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TEAM 7 novelties 2024 - Press kit.

TEAM 7 is starting 2024 with exciting new products and further developments. The focus is on even more design freedom for natural living. The elliot lounge chair was created in collaboration with designer Lucie Koldova. It reflects the TEAM 7 brand and the TEAM 7 world - modern, expressive and sustainable through and through. The wood type alder white oil is a new addition to the entire range. With its light-colored surface, it fits perfectly into contemporary home architecture and requires only a short growing time compared to other types of wood. New fabric collections and color worlds create even more scope for individual planning.

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As versatile as a child's imagination: TEAM 7 kids.

Kids’ rooms are more than just bedrooms – they are complete little worlds of their own. This is not just where our young ones sleep or even work, it’s also where they romp and lark around, play and relax. That makes it all the more important to furnish them in a way that makes children feel cosy and safe. The flexible kids range from TEAM 7 lives up to these expectations and more: solid wood furniture in design styles that are simple and restrained, but always child-friendly. They are robust and yet functionally sophisticated. And because little ones always seem to grow too quickly, TEAM 7 kids furniture simply grows with them.

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The Red Dot Jury has chosen – Winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023 to be announced on June 19.

•             The Red Dot jury: 43 experts from 20 countries
•             The best products were selected
•             Publication of the winners and award ceremony on June 19
The annual Red Dot Award: Product Design is one of the best-known and largest design competitions in the world. It comprises 51 categories and follows the credo "In search of good design and innovation". In 2023, numerous companies and designers have again submitted their products to receive the coveted award. The international jury of 43 design experts has now completed its work. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on 19 June 2023, and are invited to celebrate their success together at the Aalto Theater in Essen and the Red Dot Design Museum. On the same day, the winners will be published online in the Winners Section at

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miró dining table: a work of art from TEAM 7.

“The pure beauty of solid wood – combined with the details of artistic craftsmanship to create a spectacular aesthetic. miró is carved from the wood on which sophisticated flying saucers soar.”
Designer Sebastian Desch

All-round perfection in every detail: the new miró dining table by TEAM 7’s Head of Design Sebastian Desch is reminiscent of a futuristic, apparently weightless object floating in space. Inspired by the works of the Catalan artist Joan Miró, its design echoes the interplay of symbolic forms of the sun, moon and stars that were typical of his style. Clean, elegant design lines are complemented by beautifully handcrafted details to create a work of art that is both highly practical and ergonomically sophisticated.

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Press kit novelties 2023 and press kit kitchen 2023.

TEAM 7 has established itself as a globally recognized benchmark in both the living and kitchen sectors. With its innovations in design, function and technology, the successful brand is once again providing new impetus. For example, with the kids program by designer Stefan Radinger, the new miró dining table by TEAM 7 Head of Design Sebastian Desch, and the creative new products from the lui chair family by Jacob Strobel. New design details and technical innovations also inspire in the natural wood kitchens. For example, the new high-tech flap hinge, which, in combination with the aluminum frame fronts of the wall units, enables a particularly clean look.

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Download Press Kit kitchen 2023

Natural wood furniture manufacturer TEAM 7 takes a significant step into the future with Metaroom by Amrax®.

TEAM 7 is revealing itself as an innovative technology leader and is setting new standards in the digitalization and design of rooms through its collaboration with Amrax®. In a pilot project with the Salzburg-based DeepTech start-up, the renowned natural wood furniture manufacturer is testing the Metaroom Beta app, a multi-patented digital all-in-one solution in real time that supports employees in TEAM 7 stores in realizing their interior design projects in an innovative way.

A video with Dr. Georg Emprechtinger, managing owner of TEAM 7, and Martin Huber, CEO of Amrax®, talking about the new development is available right here.

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Naturally restorative rest at night

Furniture made from solid wood adds a special cosy touch to a room. Wood is calming and relaxing, exuding a sensual warmth. Characteristics that transform a bedroom into a place of comfort and wellbeing. Naturally finished, open-pore wood absorbs moisture and releases it gradually back into the room – helping to maintain a pleasant indoor air quality. A key feature of TEAM 7 solid wood beds is their metal-free construction. These meticulous construction methods are emphasised by the outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail that is pivotal to the way TEAM 7’s carpenters work. The company offers an extensive range of bed designs and wood types to choose from, as well as perfectly fitted mattress systems and accessories for supremely healthy sleep.

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Living & working in harmony with nature: wohnofficeT7 by TEAM 7

When carefully considered design and innovative technology meet cosiness and pure solid wood, the result is a modern living space: the wohnofficeT7. This concept by TEAM 7 is redefining the connection between living, nature and working, going beyond the simple design of a home office area. wohnofficeT7 puts people and their health in the spotlight. The technical and ergonomic requirements are determined by the duration and type of work. The enormous range of products offered by TEAM 7 creates unique possibilities for holistic designs. Home working is increasingly taking over private spaces, calling for intelligent design solutions. TEAM 7 is rising to this challenge, with adept interior concepts for professional home working. Concepts that captivate with their cosy feel, sophisticated functions and superior craftsmanship, and adapt flexibly to individual needs.

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cubus living range with a modern look

Pure nature: the cubus living range inspires with handcrafted details and a high level of wood expertise, and all this is impressively accentuated by the characteristic 25 mm thick solid wood top. For wood lovers who want even more physicality, TEAM 7 has now developed another top board version. With its remarkable thickness of 39 mm, it brings the original strength and beauty of solid wood even more into focus – in terms of how it feels and how it looks. This gives the cubus wall units a delightfully new and purely modern look that exudes a passion for solid wood and a dynamic appeal.

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Multifaceted occasional furniture with refined functionality

Thanks to the clear stylistic elements, subtle details and the unique beauty of solid wood, TEAM 7 combines living areas to create a cosy home. Multifaceted occasional furniture such as sideboards and highboards – which inspire with their individual design, generous storage space and sophisticated functionality – ensure flowing transitions. For example, the sideboards are equipped with a new fitting for flush-fitted sliding doors that does not require electricity and is based on a purely mechanical solution. Without cable spaghetti or power socket. Moves quietly and is easy to install.

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It’s good to get together around the table

This is where contracts are hammered out, business deals agreed and plots hatched. It’s a symbol of hospitality and family togetherness and invites us to be sociable. We’re talking about the table. Whatever its form or colour, a dining table is essential in every household and generally occupies a prominent position. This is where we get together, where memories are made, and where we simply enjoy the moment – and delicious food, prepared with love. The joy of these experiences and how they make us feel is deeply embedded in the philosophy behind the echt.zeit table from solid wood specialist TEAM 7. TEAM 7 furniture is handcrafted from premium solid wood – full of life, expressive and authentic.

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Seating comfort on castors – lui office swivel chair by TEAM 7

A small swivel from the desk to the filing cabinet, a few centimetres to the right to the printer and from there to the left to the wall calendar – the new lui office swivel chair brings mobility to the wohnofficeT7. In addition to flexibility and agility, the ergonomics of an office chair are particularly important – after all, you often spend several hours at a time sitting down. That's why TEAM 7 has equipped the lui office swivel chair with a 3D movement mechanism with 12° rocking function in all directions. This ensures dynamic sitting that’s kind to your back. With the lui office swivel chair, TEAM 7 is once again expanding the large lui chair family around lui, lui plus and grand lui and offers even more options with the swivel base.

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Natural ingredients – and nothing more

The TEAM 7 promise: pure natural ingredients only, to protect the essential characteristics of the wonderful natural material, wood.
Anyone who’s familiar with the “Reinheitsgebot” probably associates it primarily with beer. This centuries-old German regulation preserves the traditional quality and character of beer by insisting that only certain specific ingredients may be used to brew it. And the Austrian firm TEAM 7 makes a similar promise for its solid wood furniture, made exclusively from carefully selected materials. This pioneer of eco-friendly furniture has its own “Reinheitsgebot” – promising pure natural ingredients only, to protect the essential characteristics of the wonderful natural material, wood.

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pisa desk by Team 7

“Clear aesthetics, professional features, pure solid wood. pisa combines the modern home office with the appeal of a natural home environment where home and work blend perfectly into one.”designer Kai Stania
Ergonomic, comfortable, aesthetic: the new pisa desk meets the high demands placed on a modern office companion with a sophisticated lightness of style. This continuously height-adjustable desk allows flexible working. The central design element of the innovative desk by TEAM 7 is the striking, diagonal metal column with integrated lifting technology. It references the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and is a real eye-catcher compared to the classic bases. In addition to its appearance, the desk is also impressive in terms of ergonomics: it can be adjusted to any height from 67 to 115 cm, adapts to individual needs with millimetre precision and can be enjoyed both sitting and standing.

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Novelties 2022

"Here at TEAM 7 we don't just build beautiful furniture. We're also commited to living in harmony with nature."
Dr Georg Emprechtinger

The TEAM 7 brand is a promise of quality. As a pioneer of natural home interiors, we have established a new design concept with international success: eco-friendly designer furniture. Natural, sustainable, premium quality. That’s what TEAM 7 stands for, with custom-made solid wood furniture, smart furnishing systems and high quality, environmentally friendly products, made in Austria. At TEAM 7 we appreciate the true value of wood. Our new products for 2022 reflect this understanding. You can feel our love of wood in every piece of our furniture.

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TEAM 7: in harmony with nature Sustainable bedrooms that extend your everyday living space.

Today’s bedrooms are not just for sleeping – they are part of our daytime life too. After a relaxed breakfast in bed, it’s time for a workout on the exercise bike, followed by the beauty routine at the make-up table. Next we can check emails in the integrated home office. Modern bedrooms are multi-taskers, full of sophisticated functionality. TEAM 7 is a specialist in smart systems intelligence. This solid wood furniture maker from Austria combines premium quality with elegant design and craftsmanship to create bedroom areas with added value. Natural, open and functional. It is not just the supremely comfortable bed and bedding which create a feeling of luxury, but also the beautifully organised wardrobe system, versatile occasional furniture and sense of wellbeing that comes from natural materials.

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TEAM 7 expands with new green factory: construction has begun for TEAM 7’s largest ever investment project.

Ttoday, on 6 July 2021, Georg Emprechtinger, CEO and owner, and Joint Managing Director Hermann Pretzl welcomed guests to the ground-breaking ceremony for the new TEAM 7 Welt at Ried im Innkreis. An impressive new building, with a total floor area of 6100 m², will take shape at the headquarters of this prestigious manufacturer of sustainable solid wood furniture. It will be a four-storey timber-frame construction – an embodiment of TEAM 7’s love of solid wood combined with authentic craftsmanship and modern technology. The building was designed by the architecture firm Matulik, in consultation with TEAM 7, and is being built by the timber construction specialists WIEHAG.

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Kochinsel k7 aus Naturholz mit Paar beim Kochen

The joy of cooking in harmony with nature.

Is cooking still a chore for you or is it an enjoyable part of everyday life? Those planning a new kitchen generally hope it will be more than just a place for housework. These days, a lot goes on around the cooker. Appliances are elegantly concealed behind attractive furniture, walls are passé and kitchens are gradually expanding into the rest of our living space. Spacious, free-standing designs blur the boundaries between living spaces.

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dunkelgrauer Hintergrund mit 60 drauf

TEAM 7 turns 60.

Companies that think outside the box, with global perspectives and sustainable principles, pioneering new directions, are trendsetters that shape the future. TEAM 7 is one of these. This solid wood furniture maker from Austria made a commitment to the "green path" a long time ago, and over the last few decades the company has given eco-friendly furniture a complete facelift.

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Extraordinary creations in solid wood, at the imm Cologne 2019.

In these times of digitalisation, high tech and global networking, there is a growing need for oases of calm. Our homes in particular should be a place where we feel able to slow down. Natural materials create a rich sensory aesthetic.

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TEAM 7 at Living Kitchen in Cologne.

Cooking with freshly harvested, healthy and delicious organic ingredients is very much in trend. TEAM 7 kitchens are created with similar values. The Austrian furniture maker combines artisan craftsmanship with timelessly elegant design, sophisticated technology and sustainable principles.

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Diele haiku mit Spiegel, Garderobe und Schuhschrank

The entry hall as the “calling card of the living space”.

An often overlooked but actually essential room in every house and apartment is the entry hall. It is the first thing that you notice when you come home. It should feel inviting and cosy while also offering storage space for shoes, jackets, coats and umbrellas. That's why the right furnishings are so important. An inviting reception space combines the beautiful with the practical. At TEAM 7, this combination is particularly valued. By using solid wood, the room appears inviting and warm; at the same time it reveals a sophisticated functionality that can be customised for each individual space.

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Home Entertainment Möbel cubus pure von TEAM 7

TEAM 7: World champion in entertainment furniture!

Great events cast their glow ahead of themselves: soccer fans are already in a World Cup fever and this summer many households are totally wrapped up in the viewing. While the TV is running in full swing, the living room is clearly gaining ground as the most popular living space during the Football World Championship in Russia. Guests are coming, the family is waving flags and together the fans root for their favourite teams in front of the screen. These events are even more appealing if the furnishings also play along with perfect entertainment features.

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Diele massiv cubus in Kernbuche von TEAM 7

Coming Home to Nature - Entry Hall Furnishings by TEAM 7

The cosy feeling of home begins when we step through the door. Entry hall furnishings by TEAM 7 ensure just that through their impressive range of components which perfectly suit all personal needs. Top-quality natural wood bestows the entry area with an inviting first impression, not least because of its many functional elements. Well thought out down to the smallest details, cubus entry hall furniture always provides the perfect solution for every taste.

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riletto bed with leather bed sides made of solid wood

Floating to Sleep – The riletto Bed.

The riletto bed by TEAM 7 guarantees perfect relaxation. Its recessed slides make the bedstead seem to float in the room while its fine proportions provide it with a stylish optical lightness, despite its size. The riletto bed easily adapts to individual customer requirements. It is flexibly extensible with a padded or wooden headboard as well as matching consoles and nightstands that grant extra storage and surface areas.

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Waldkante wall cladding made of solid wood

Waldkante wall panelling – Living in Nature.

TEAM 7 loves wood and innovative designs. The wall panelling Waldkante ('Forest Edge') by TEAM 7 makes it possible to live in nature. Manufactured from top-quality, untreated, natural oak, alder or walnut wood it makes for an exceptional, innovative look harmoniously corresponding to other timbers of the furniture or creating a captivating contrast with glass, stone and metal surfaces.

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TEAM 7 side table treeO from above

Proper Care for Natural Stone Surfaces.

Granite, marble, slate - stone is a product made by nature. Surfaces made from natural stone appear to be robust. However, they need regular care in order to preserve their high-quality look for a long period of time. All marble surfaces by TEAM 7 receive a base impregnation at the factory that prevents dirt from entering the stone where it can form permanent residues.

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Solid wood kitchen filigno from TEAM 7

filigno: Bridging the gap with delicate refinement.

A delicate lightness characterises TEAM 7’s seamless connection between the dining and kitchen areas, which they will be presenting at the imm cologne 2017: filigno is the name of the new range, with elegant, sleekly designed solid wood sideboards and highboards that reflect their formal counterpart in the kitchen of the same name.

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tak designer dining table in walnut by TEAM 7

TEAM 7-Double-prized: iF DESIGN AWARD 2017.

This year, two products of wood furniture specialist TEAM 7 are awarded the renowned iF Design Award. Both desk tak and secretary sol won over the jury, which consisted of 58 members. The two models from now on can proudly carry the treasured seal of quality. The pioneer of sustainable wood furniture once more proved that at TEAM 7, nature, design, and innovative technologies belong together.

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natuurhouten bed float van TEAM 7 met loup bijzettafel

TEAM 7 at the imm cologne 2017.

Always focusing on the bigger picture, and always ready to take the next step – TEAM 7 builds on its role as a leading provider of unique solid wood design furniture. In Cologne, the Austrian manufacturer will introduce its new products for all living areas, with a fine feeling for sustainable materials: Moka oak – their new dark wood, natural leather, and ceramics extend the range of design options and sensory enjoyment. Developments in the design and function of its dining tables, almost unlimited possibilities for shelving and home entertainment systems, a new floating bed, and the introduction of a delicately composed new kitchen range with matching furniture for the living area, all emphasise the innovative energy which TEAM 7 is bringing to the imm cologne 2017.

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Solid wood kitchen filigno from TEAM 7

TEAM 7 at LivingKitchen 2017.

TEAM 7’s solid wood kitchens are always in good company: this Austrian manufacturer builds bridges between living areas and will be presenting complete furnishing solutions at LivingKitchen with a flair for colour, shape, and sustainable materials. It is all about love of wood and the perfect interplay between nature, design, and technology. This is how TEAM 7 has built on its position as a market leader in solid wood furniture to become an international benchmark for quality.

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TEAM 7 k7 kitchen in walnut

Kitchens you can live in.

The modern kitchen has changed. It no longer hides behind a door out of sight – it has instead become a part of the living area, offering a fluid transition between dining and living room. This development has been encouraged by increasingly open architectural spaces and designs. Kitchen enthusiasts now plan their entire apartment around this enjoyable space, as the kitchen has long ago established itself as the heart of the home.

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TEAM 7 cubus wall unit with practical CD-organisation

The magic cube of interior design: “cubus” – natural individuality.

Wall unit, standalone furniture, or room divider? Stylish display case, versatile shelf unit, or smart desk? If you value flexibility in your furniture, welcome change, and have your own unique ideas, you will be well served by TEAM 7 and its high-level interior design. This applies to individually planned wall units, as well as to sideboards, tables, wall cabinets, and standalone furniture. Because the Austrian solid wood specialist covers the full range of furniture with elegant simplicity.

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TEAM 7 linee kitchen in oak

Wood kitchens: trends and tips for design and maintenance.

Wood kitchens are right on trend. Because wood brings cosiness into your kitchen, making it especially suited to an openplan room design. Perfectly coordinated cooking, dining, and living areas flow into each other, creating a generous living space in which the kitchen is the heart of the home. Sebastian Desch, head designer at TEAM 7, offers practical advice on the advantages of a wood kitchen and how one should take care of it.

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TEAM 7 black line kitchen with extension table

Modern Living Comfort Meets Design.

The linee kitchen “black line” by TEAM 7 certainly cuts an impressive figure. Cubic forms, generous black coloured glass fronts and clear lines give the new linee kitchen design its exceptional elegance. “black line” embodies the perfect symbiosis of inviting, harmonious solid wood, vibrant coloured glass and bold metal. A sense of cool elegance is provided by the range of handles, stainless steel plinth panels, work tops and coloured glass sides in matte black.

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TEAM 7 loft table with cutlery drawer

Wooden joints – traditional craftsmanship meets modern technology.

These joints will last for a lifetime: where heavy furniture parts come together, where supports are needed, or where board surfaces are joined and merged together into one unit, these classic wooden joints are brought to bear in every sense of the word. Tongue and groove joints, tooth joints, pins, and  scarf joints don’t just score highly when it comes to aesthetic appeal, they also impress with their exceptional stability. TEAM 7 is specialised in working with high-quality wood.

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TEAM 7 nox bed with nox bedside cabinets and nox wardrobe

Healthier sleep in metal-free beds.

People recharge their batteries when they sleep and get the energy they need for a fresh start to the next day. A night‘s rest determines our rhythm, health, ability to perform and even how good we look! No wonder that we spend around a third of our lives asleep. In actual fact the reality is somewhat different. Around 30 per cent of people suffer from sleep disorders and would be very happy to be able to sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested. The right bed can play a role in ensuring healthier sleep. And the body will reward you with good health.

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Georg Emprechtinger and Hermann Pretzl with the Pegasus business award in Gold

TEAM 7 is awarded the GOLDEN Pegasus prize.

Renowned furniture manufacturer TEAM 7 was awarded the Golden Pegasus prize in the category “leading businesses” (250 employees or more) at this year’s Pegasus Awards prize-giving ceremony. The
largest business award in the state of Upper Austria, founded by the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten newspaper and the Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberösterreich, is presented annually to the most successful businesses in the region.

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TEAM 7 atelier desk with girado swivel chair

Well-designed solutions by TEAM 7.

Whether you’re at home, in your office or at the office when at home, one thing is clear: home office solutions should be comfortable and functional at the same time. The solid wood furniture from the Austrian manufacturer TEAM 7 meets these requirements perfectly. The eco-pioneer offers stylish and practical furniture for the home office. The furniture is made from fine solid wood and thereby blends harmoniously into the living environment. When the wood is treated only with natural oil it remains porous and breathable, thereby ensuring a comfortable room climate.

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