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elliot lounge chair

elliot lounge chair

elliot lounge chair.

TEAM 7 World embodies the high standards of the TEAM 7 brand in terms of the environment, innovation and aesthetics while uniting architecture and nature in an exceptional way. To mark its opening, we collaborated with internationally renowned designer Lucie Koldova to create a piece of furniture that reflects all of this: renewable materials and maximum comfort combined in an expressive design.

A lounge chair with wood and charm.

elliot is TEAM 7’s charmingly refreshing interpretation of a lounge chair. It owes its invitingly comfortable appeal to the striking volume of its lavish upholstery. The smooth curves of solid wood enhance its natural charm. elliot has a minimalist look, yet is sophisticated in its details and impressive with its elegant overall shape. Due to its compact dimensions, it is highly versatile and flexible, making it suitable for almost any living area. Its modern yet classically timeless style make it easy to combine with other furniture.

And the seating comfort? Relaxed, of course!

An exclusive Italian wool bouclé is behind the special look and feel of elliot. The fabric surface features a unique texture that makes for extremely luxurious sitting.
The multi-layer upholstery not only lends elliot its characteristic appearance, it also further enhances the seating comfort. With a perfect balance between firmness and elasticity, the layers made of renewable materials ensure long-lasting comfort – even in diverse seating positions. Thanks to its clever design, you can take a seat on elliot in many different ways: straight, sideways, upright, relaxed or even casually reversed.

Sustainable in every detail.

Maximum sustainability was the goal when designing elliot. All solid wood parts as well as the moulded wood element of the backrest are assembled without formaldehyde – as is typical of TEAM 7. Only pure natural oil is used for finishing the wood surfaces. The components are manufactured regionally in Upper Austria. The materials for the seat and backrest were selected according to the strictest environment criteria. The layered upholstery consists of 100% renewable raw materials – coconut latex and natural latex – encased in a cotton fleece. The cover is made of bouclé fabric that is certified according to Ökotex Standard 100.

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elliot has both feet firmly planted on the ground!

Solid wood elements with gentle curves form the unconventional base, which features only two legs. The intricately three-dimensionally moulded backrest section is also made of real wood. The look and feel of the natural material make this piece of furniture a true tactile delight. The craftsmanship of TEAM 7 can also be seen in the artful wood joint between the backrest and the rear leg. Thanks to clever design, the two parts merge together in a form-fit joint, giving elliot a refined look even from the rear.

Solid wood is healthy. But it’s addictive.

Be inspired by our interior designs and find out how TEAM 7 furniture can make all of your rooms more beautiful and natural.

Really good design is sustainable. Because it is timeless.

Designer and product manager developing TEAM 7 furniture

Good design is not just valuable, it’s also full of values.

TEAM 7 stands for first-class design with a clear philosophy. Design with a timeless quality that places a special emphasis on nature, instead of trying to restrain or subdue it.

Lucie Koldova

Her emotive style is based on the breathtaking use of colours, unusual proportions, and vibrant formal contrasts. Her objects often overcome limits of the possible.

Wood meets the highest demands. Yet it is incredibly undemanding.

Care of TEAM 7 solid wood furniture with nonwoven cloth und natural oil

The most ingenious thing about wood: easy maintenance.

Wood naturally features unique self-cleaning properties. As a result only minimal effort is required on your part to keep your TEAM 7 furniture looking just as good in decades to come as it does today.

Loving nature comes naturally to us.

We don’t just take on orders. We also take on responsibility.

We think that our company should accept responsibility for its decisions. That’s why we stand 100% behind ours. Producing perfect solid wood for our customer is important to us – but the entire product process is also an integral part of this for us. That’s why we treat our partners, our employees and nature as they deserve to be treated: fairly.

We love wood.

We love what we do – as can be seen in every piece of finished furniture. This is because innovation and a pioneering spirit are our innermost aspirations. We know everything about our forests and about wood as a material. We treat wood with respect in the production of our furniture, combining innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship.


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