1959 was a good year.
For a good idea.

it´s a tree story.
Manager and owner of TEAM 7 Georg Emprechtinger

A family barking up the right tree.  

Our company has been owner-managed since it was founded by Erwin Berghammer in 1959. Since 2006, Georg Emprechtinger has been the sole owner. The son of a sawmill owner from the Innviertel, he has his roots in the region and has had a special relationship with wood his whole life.

Managing Directors of TEAM 7 Hermann Pretzl and Georg Emprechtinger

Teamwork in management. 

The managing directors of TEAM 7 are a very successful and conscientious team: the owner George Emprechtinger is responsible for marketing and commercial operations and Hermann Pretzl is responsible for production.

Everything under one roof. And it's ours.

The entire supply chain for our solid wood furniture is under our roof. We have two furniture factories, plus our own board-making factory and a sawmill. Because we grow our own trees on 74 hectares of woodland, we understand the great value of wood and how important it is for sustainability. And in our TEAM 7 flagship stores, we learn all about what our customers want. With our roughly 720 employees, we produce everything ourselves – from the tree to the finished furniture.

Employees of TEAM 7

Employers that can see the wood for the trees. 

We are one of the largest employers in the region. The education and training of our employees is very important to us. We always look at people and their abilities as a whole and try to enhance skills and provide prospects and opportunities to get ahead. We also promote older employees and help to make work and family compatible.

Person in the woods with TEAM 7 bag

Purchasing with the right attitude.

We set great store by regional purchasing structures. As a furniture manufacturer we are meticulous about ensuring that our suppliers share our company's values. As well as keeping journeys short, which reduces pollutant and CO2 emissions, the flexibility of a regional network of suppliers is an important component of the operational efficiency of TEAM 7. It also has a positive impact on the creation and retention of high-quality jobs in the region.

From A for Attic to Z for Zen Room. 

We manufacture solid wood furniture for all living areas. Whether it's for cooking, eating, living, sleeping or the kids: we have just the thing for every room in your home. And we measure up against the best in every area. Our comprehensive expertise and the synergies across our wide range of products enable us to see your home as a whole and within different contexts, such as architecture.

From Austria to the whole world. 

We sell our solid wood furniture in over 30 countries via our global distribution network. Our furniture is sold in TEAM 7 studios and in our own TEAM 7 stores in Vienna, Graz, Linz, Wels, Salzburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munster, Berlin and Frankfurt. Our export quota is 86%. Our main export markets are Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and Benelux.


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