Custom productions

Custom productions

We manufacture to measure.
And according to your wishes.

it´s a tree story.
nox table made with the highest quality of artistic craftsmanship

Our furniture is waiting in the forest for its buyers. Not in a warehouse.

We manufacture exclusively to order and made to measure. This means that we only start the production after you have ordered the furniture. The range of design possibilities also includes custom productions. Because we strive to produce the furniture that best fits the wishes of our individual customers and their living spaces. There are hardly any limits to the individual plans in terms of dimensions, shape, function, format, front design or glass colours.

Painting with wood.

We produce every natural wood panel for our furniture ourselves in our board factory. Each is perfectly coordinated to the corresponding need and is enormously stable. At the same time we take meticulous care to produce with the highest quality. And yet we have never built two furniture pieces that are the same – because no two trees are the same. Every piece of wood looks different. To give it a harmonious setting, we assemble the wood for the fronts of our customized furniture by hand – we call this “painting with wood”. 

Nature fascinates us with its variety. Just like our furniture.

Kitchen, dining, living, sleep and kids

We create individual furniture for all living areas, every floor plan and to meet the highest standards. We help people create a home where they can feel good.


various colour tones on glass surface

What is your favourite colour?

Choose the exact colour you desire for all glass fronts. The entire colour range of the NCS colours is available to you.

First the design and then the interior.

Our furniture specialists are glad to advise you and help you make your home even more beautiful with furniture made to measure.


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