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Why are we making kids furniture from real trees? Well, what did you love to climb on when you were a child? We love children and we know how important a natural environment is for them to grow up healthily. That’s why we make our kids furniture out of pure solid wood. However, because we want to leave children a world worth living in as well as providing them with high-quality furniture, we only use wood from sustainable forestry and ensure the highest standards in our domestic production, in terms of both environmental protection and quality. For us, sustainability also means producing furniture with a long life. For this reason, our kids furniture is expandable and adaptable. It grows with your child and remain faithful companions for many years. The oiled wooden surfaces can be repaired. Even the traces of years of use can be removed. This means that the furnishings of the kid’s room are also easy to pass on further down the line.

Our wood furniture makes a kid’s room a safe space to grow up in.

Wood is naturally accustomed to all sorts of challenges and is extremely robust. An unbeatable advantage when the little adventurers start to let their imagination run wild. To ensure that our kids furniture is up to these challenges, it is tested in our own test lab right from the start. In addition, the bed system, cot and cradle, tandem bed, desk and swivel chair as well as the wall module are all certified with the GS mark for “Tested Safety”.
Corners and edges are rounded where necessary and blend harmoniously into the otherwise linear, timeless design. At the same time, the meticulous craftsmanship brings the pleasant texture of pure solid wood to life.

Kids’ room furniture made from real wood to create a healthy room climate.

Real wood radiates something very special, exuding warmth, security and comfort. The solid wood in our kids furniture is assembled without formaldehyde and finished exclusively with natural oil. This keeps it free from harmful substances and preserves its many positive properties. It lives and breathes. Wood supports a healthy room climate, helping your child get a good night’s sleep and improving concentration. The warmth it gives off keeps your child feeling totally comfortable. Kids’ room furniture made from solid wood is virtually indestructible because it can withstand the heaviest of loads. Even the traces of years of use as well as small dents and scratches are effortless to remove. The countless planning and extension options available means that your TEAM 7 kid’s room will grow with your child, adapting itself perfectly to their age. The perfect place to play, sleep, learn and be happy.

Astonishingly adaptable – our flexible kids furniture made from solid wood.

Kids furniture experiences a lot over the years. It must also adapt to the different requirements placed on it as your child grows. But one thing always stays the same: a child’s room isn’t just a bedroom. It is a playroom, a study room, a place of retreat. It’s a child’s realm, designed to fire their imagination and at the same time give them peace and quiet to recharge their batteries. We have developed our kids range so that you can create such a place at home – with functional kids furniture made of pure solid wood that offers plenty of scope for creative design options.

What wood furniture for kids’ rooms does TEAM 7 sell?

The TEAM 7 kids range of children’s furniture covers all bases as far as your kid’s room is concerned. Wardrobes with handy interior partitions, shelves and dressers made of wood offer more than enough storage space. To provide a healthy place to grow up in right from day one, TEAM 7 offers a complete nursery including a baby bed, changing station and crib. This room grows with your child and when you are ready, you can transform it into a kid’s or teenagers’ room with the matching child’s bed, child’s loft bed or bunk bed or using the handy tandem bed. The height-adjustable kids desk and matching chair will make learning child’s play.

What wood is used in TEAM 7’s kids furniture?

We set great store by European hardwood trees from sustainable forestry. Alder is our preferred wood type for TEAM 7 kids. Its simple wood pattern makes the kids furniture timeless companions, adaptable to all colour and thematic changes. You have the choice between the white oil finish, giving the surfaces a very light appearance, or the natural oil version, emphasising the warm red-golden tints.
TEAM 7’s first solid wood furniture was made of alder, and for good reason – it corresponds perfectly to our ecological principles because the native wood type is hard-wearing and quickly renewable. We use it to create furniture that will last at least as long as it takes a new tree to grow.

For busy bees ! Puzzles to download.

You can have really fun adventures in the great outdoors. But when that’s not possible, you need other options! To fend off boredom, here are a few puzzles and activities to download. Have fun!

There are a great many reasons why you should choose solid wood furniture from TEAM 7 for your interiors.

If you opt for solid wood furniture from TEAM 7, you will be getting it in its most beautiful form. Genuine, open-pore wood brings comfort and natural warmth into your kid’s room. It breathes, absorbs humidity, and releases it again when the air is dry. This creates a noticeably healthy atmosphere. We use the finest hardwood from sustainable forestry, assemble it without using any formaldehyde and use only pure natural oil to finish it. This is how we make sure that our environmentally friendly furniture remains free of harmful substances and the wood retains its wonderful properties.

Tips for creating the perfect kid’s room using wood furniture.

Kids’ rooms should be designed with just as much imagination as they put into their own ideas. A colourful wall creation featuring wallpaper or stickers as well as brightly coloured carpets, rugs and fabrics will add more than a splash of colour. Every kid has their own heroes and favourite colours. Give your kid’s room a theme and say goodbye to those stereotypical “girl” and “boy” looks. Our simple, slimmed-down kids’ furniture made of wood provides an ideal basis for the perfect kid’s room, because it can easily be transformed in line with your child’s personal preferences. Regardless of whether your child suddenly finds blue things stupid and would much rather have everything in green, kids’ room furniture made of wood goes with many different colours and will therefore bring you pleasure for many years to come.

Our furniture grows with your children: from a nursery to a kid’s and then a teenager’s room.

Sophisticated and flexible designs mean our kids furniture grows with your child and adapts to suit their age. The crib is really easy to transform into a cosy sofa – the perfect place to snuggle up and tell stories. Turning the single bed into a den or loft bed – and thus into a full-blown adventure playground – is child’s play. Set up as a bunk bed, it offers plenty of space for other brothers and sisters too. The loft bed can be removed to convert the kid’s room into a proper teenager’s room. The height-adjustable desk grows with your child and, together with the individually adjustable swivel chair, always ensures an ergonomically correct seating position. So what remains the same over the years? Ample storage space and plenty of scope for imagination, creativity and happiness as the children grow up. Our tip: kids have a lot of ideas, many of them extraordinary. Why not get yours to help design their room?

These accessories will turn your kid’s room into an oasis of well-being.

Whereas yesterday it was still an animal theme with those cute little puppies, now it’s switched to the most ferocious dinosaurs, and tomorrow it’ll be the coolest rock bands... Our children’s interests change so fast. Armed with the right accessories, you’ll be able to keep up. Curtains and a wide decor range will add colour to your kid’s room. Themed and patterned bedcovers, kids’ lampshades, posters and colourful picture frames can be adapted to suit your child’s preferences without much effort. A colourful wall or wallpaper gives your kid’s room a highly personal touch, while a blackboard wall provides plenty of space for creativity.

Make your kid’s room healthy and safe with wood furniture.

Looking for kids furniture that’s low in pollutants? Why not go further and choose fully pollutant-free furniture? The kids’ room furniture from TEAM 7 is assembled without formaldehyde and finished exclusively with natural oil. A strong structure with rounded corners and edges ensure safety, even when things get a bit rowdier. Since climbing is one of a kid’s favourite activities, don’t forget to screw in wardrobes and anchor loft beds in the wall. Covering power sockets and securing windows will provide added protection.

How much does kids’ room furniture made of solid wood cost?

How much a kid’s room will cost depends primarily on the quality of its furniture, the type of wood used, the design chosen, the personal advice obtained and the origin of the materials. However, these factors also dictate how long you’re going to enjoy the room for. The kids’ room furniture from TEAM 7 is custom-made in Austria in the highest quality using the finest native hardwood and a healthy dose of craftsmanship. When choosing a kid’s bedroom, it helps to look for recognised seals of quality such as the GS mark for “Tested Safety” and the Austria Quality Seal – Furniture.

Personal consultation in your own home.

The personal consultants from our TEAM 7 partners are looking forward to helping you come up with ideas for your custom-designed kid’s room. With their extensive experience and keen eye for the unique, our consultants will make sure that you too are wowed by their quality and their design ideas. Our TEAM 7 partners will also deliver and assemble your TEAM 7 furniture for you. With our dealer locator, you’ll definitely find the right TEAM 7 partner in your area.